We’re so happy you have joined WISEWOMAN and taken this step toward healthy lifestyle changes! As part of this no-cost program, you have access to resources, trainings and community support. You’re valuing your health, and we’re here to help and support you! Check out the below videos to learn how you can control your blood pressure, add fruits and veggies to meals, lower your salt intake, get active, and quit smoking.

Healthy Living Lessons


A healthy lifestyle is the best way to reduce your risk for heart disease or stroke. We are here to help! The below EmPOWERED to Serve Health Lesson Videos will help you make healthy lifestyle changes at your own pace. Click to the Play button to watch each video! Be sure to also check out the resources that go along with each video.

Week 1: Control Your Blood Pressure Resources

Blood Pressure Measurement Instructions

Blood Pressure Log

The Facts About High Blood Pressure

Consequences of High Blood Pressure

Semana 1: Controla su presión arterial Recursos

Instrucciones para medir la presión arterial

Registro de la presión arterial

Respuestas del corazón

Consecuencias de la presión arterial alta

Week 2: Break Up with Excess Sodium Resources

The Salty Six

Sodium Can Be Sneaky

7 Salty Myths Busted

Understanding Food Nutrition Labels

Semana 2: No dañe su corazón Recursos

Los seis salados

El sodio pude ser engañoso

7 mitos del sodio desmintiendo

¿Cómo puedo entender la etiqueta de datos de nutrición?

Week 3: Eating Smart with Fruits and Vegetables Resources

Apply for SNAP Benefits in Louisiana

5 Reasons to Add Color

Add More Color to Your Life with Fruits and Vegetables

How to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer

Keep it Fresh

Semana 3: Frutas y verdas fuente de salud Recursos

Como más color

5 razones para comer más color

Prepare una ensalada mas sana

Coma sabiamente a las etiquetas de informacion nutricional

Week 4: Make Life Sweet, Not Your Drink Resources

12 Water-Infused Recipes

Rethink Your Drink

Added Sugar is Not So Sweet

Life is Sweet with these Easy Sugar Swaps

Semana 4: Conozco lo que es la diabetes Resources

7 consejos para cuidar el corazón cuando tienes diabetes tipo 2

¿Qué es la diabetes?

Tipos de Diabetes

4 Preguntas que debes hacerle a tu doctor sobre la diabetes y tu corazón:

Cuídate el corazón cuando tengas diabetes tipo 2

Dónde empezar en tu camino al cuidado del corazón

Week 5: Get Active Resources

How much physical activity do you need?

Make Every Move Count

Dress for Workout Success

Why is physical activity so important?

Flexibility Exercise (Stretching)

Move More for Whole Body Health

Week 6: Know Diabetes by Heart Resources

7 Tips to Care for Your Heart When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Types of Diabetes

Top 4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Take Care of Your Heart When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Where to Begin on Your Heart Care Journey

Diabetes and Heart Disease

Join Know Diabetes by Heart

Looking for more resources to improve your health? You can also find out about additional nearby resources through Well-Ahead Louisiana’s Community Resource Guide.

All EmPOWERED to Serve Health Lessons are provided by the American Heart Association. Learn more here.