What's a WellSPot?

Child care centers designated as WellSpots are committed to helping children develop healthy habits.  They put the health of the children they care for first and ensure they have a healthy environment to learn.   For example, the meals child care center WellSpots serve are nutritious and delicious, and playtime always includes lots of physical activity!  

Encourage your child care center to become a WellSpot! Learn how below. 

Be In The Know

You have a powerful role in supporting your child's health and learning. Knowing the answers to the questions below can help you shape the health environment of your child care center.

  • Does your child care center use food or beverages to reward or discipline children? 
  • Are your child's teachers modeling healthy behaviors, such as being physically active or eating healthy foods?
  • Does your child care center limit screen time? 

Take Action! 

Healthy behaviors learned from an early age can impact your child's future. Below are ways you can help your child care center make a positive difference in your child's life.

  • Use our WellSpot Finder to find out if your child care center is a WellSpot. Learn about the healthy benchmarks child care centers implement here.  

  • Encourage your center to become a WellSpot. Share the child care center WellSpot brochure with them. Click here to email it, or print it and bring it to your child's teacher at pick up or drop off!  

  • Help your center start the WellSpot designation process. The first step to becoming a WellSpot is taking an online assessment. Click here to create a My WellSpot account for your child care center to take the assessment.  

  • Model healthy snacks.  Be sure that the birthday and holiday treats you bring to your child's class are nutritious! Fresh fruit is always a great option.

  • Paint your child care center's playground! Playground stencils are an innovative, low-cost way to improve playgrounds.  Click here to check out how Church Point Elementary School in Acadia Parish painted their playground! Well-Ahead has several playground stencils available.  Stencils provide an excellent opportunity for children to get physically active and practice balance, loco-motor skills, and spatial awareness. Email wellahead@la.gov to learn how your child care center can borrow our stencils! 

  • Encourage your child care center to geaux tobacco-free! A tobacco-free environment creates a healthier learning environment for your child. It decreases your child's exposure to secondhand smoke and lessens the chance of respiratory infections, ear infections, and sudden infant death syndrome.

Walk the Talk 

Healthy homes are just as important as healthy child care centers! The resources below can help you teach healthy behaviors at home.

Did You Know? 

There are seven WellSpot types! Click here to learn how you can move your workplace to a WellSpot.