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Providers, of all kinds, have a great opportunity to encourage prevention and management of chronic conditions among Louisiana residents. Through the Well-Ahead Provider Education Network, our team promotes evidence-based, effective health system quality improvement processes and team-based care to assist in preventing and managing diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, even tobacco use. Well-Ahead Louisiana works to expand the access to clinical and community practices that prevent and improve the management of chronic disease. Stay up to date on the latest in healthcare by subscribing to the Provider Education Network below.  

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A Provider's guide to fluoride varnish applications

Tooth decay is the most common preventable childhood disease. In children ages 6 to 11 years old, it is ­­­five times more common than asthma and four times ­­­more common than obesity. ­­­ Medical providers are the first line of defense against illness and disease in our children.  You can, and should, play a role in keeping your patients’ smi­­­­les h­­­­ealthy.  Applying fluoride varnish during routine well visits is becoming a standard of care in pediatrics nationwide. From a very early age, it provides the most effective protection against tooth decay for children 6 months to 5 years old.


If you are a medical provider who cares for patients 6 months to 5 years old, please join us for A Provider’s Guide to Fluoride Varnish Applications.  This webinar, led by a panel of medical and dental providers of the Louisiana Oral Health Coalition, will provide valuable information on becoming Smiles For Life certified to apply fluoride varnish, as well as a “how to” application demonstration.  In addition, resources and information on the impact of oral health on overall health will be shared.  A healthy child is a happy child – when medical providers incorporate preventive dental services at well visits, their smiles can be healthy, too.

To register for this webinar, click here.

For more information, email Kaitlyn King at  To learn more about Smiles for Life, a National Oral Health Curriculum, click here.

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The Brief Tobacco Intervention Online Training

Did you know? Tobacco quit rates increase when health care providers consistently identify and treat tobacco use.  Cessation advice from healthcare providers is effective and should be offered to every patient. Learn how you can make tobacco use screening and cessation service referral a standard of care among your healthcare team. In this online training, you will:

  • Learn three simple steps that help you effectively talk to your patients about tobacco in less than three minutes. 
  • Learn about effective, evidence-based cessation treatments available in Louisiana - including individual, group and telephone counseling, and seven FDA approved medications.
    • Learn about Medicaid cessation benefits here
  • Earn continuing education units in less than an hour!

Email Kristen Hernandez at to be notified when this training becomes available.

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Population Health Analytics

Today, there is more data available to healthcare providers and organizations than ever before. Furthermore, the ongoing transition to value-based care requires providers and healthcare organizations to understand their populations and improve outcomes as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, taking all the available data and turning it into actionable information can be a challenge. This webinar discusses strategies and tools to support Population Health Analytics, and how to leverage this information to improve health outcomes. Click here to review the webinar


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