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  • Child Care Center Specific's Move

    Childcare centers may choose to implement Let’s Move depending on the interest of the facility and capacity and availability of NAP SACC consultants.  Let’s Move! Child Care is part of the national Let’s Move! program started by First Lady Michelle Obama and is a provider-based program.

  • Healthy Eating Hydrated


    Water doesn’t have to be “boring.” We all know it is important to stay hydrated, yet for some of us, it may be hard to get enough water in each day. Did you know there are ways to increase your water intake naturally?  Click here for awesome fruit-flavored water ideas. 

  • Geaux Tobacco-Free Well Spot

    Take your business to the next level and find out how to Geaux Tobacco-Free!

    Is your child’s or grandchild’s school tobacco-free campus? Click Here for more information you can share with your school principal for steps in Geauxing Tobacco-Free!

  • Oral HealthOLD Water Fluoridation

    The safety and benefits of fluoride are well documented and for 70 years people in the United States have benefited from drinking water with fluoride. Fluoridated water keeps the teeth strong and reducing decay by approximately 25% in children and adult- leading to saving money, and helping families and individuals live better, healthier lives. It has been found that for every dollar spent on community water fluoridation, up to $38 is saved in treatment costs for tooth decay.

    In Louisiana only 43% of residents receive the benefits of Community Water Fluoridation, compared to almost 75% nationally. In 2008, Governor Jindal signed Act 761 which mandates that water systems with over 5,000 connections initiate water fluoridation. As fluoride is nature's cavity fighter, community...

  • Health Equity
    Equity Health equity is attainment of the highest level of health for all people. Achieving health equity requires valuing everyone equally with focused and ongoing societal efforts to address avoidable inequalities, historical and contemporary injustices, and the elimination of health and health care disparities. Health Equity WellSpots Programs Living Well-Ahead Additional Health Equity Resources County Health Rankings An interactive website by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that provides maps and data on a variety of health and lifestyle indicators. See how your parish ranks among other parishes! Unnatural Causes A nationally acclaimed 7 part documentary series broadcasted by PBS exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health. ChangeLabs Solutions Changelabs Solutions provides usable toolkits to improve healthy eating, tobacco control and childhood obesity. Promoting policy, systems and...
  • About | Well-Ahead Louisiana
    pretty proud of our way of life in Louisiana. Although, improving our wellbeing doesn't have to mean giving up our favorite things like good food, great music and legendary festivals. Rather, it means making smart choices so we can enjoy our favorite things even longer. Small choices towards wellness, enabled by the environments we're in every day, allow us the opportunity for balance. Together we can shape a future that gives us the chance to feel better and enjoy life a little longer. The Challenge: Louisiana is… 48 th in Overall Health 44 th in Outcomes 49 th in Determinants 48 th in...
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