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  • Our Partners
    better health outcomes for our state would not be possible without the work of our local partners working directly in communities across Louisiana. These local partnerships help highlight the challenges local residents face when trying to lead healthier lives and help their communities overcome those challenges. Together with our partners, we can ensure that all Louisiana citizens have the resources and opportunities to make informed, healthy choices. WellAhead's partners include those listed below. Our...
  • Diabetes Title 3

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  • Health Equity Inequities
    Health inequities are a subset of health inequalities that are modifiable, associated with social disadvantage, and considered ethically unfair...
  • FAQs makes sure WellSpots are really healthy places?/Default.aspx

    DHH staff work closely with restaurants, schools, child care centers, companies or other organizations that wish to become designated WellSpots to help them meet benchmarks. They will also verify that these organizations actually implement the policies and practices they indicate they have done.

  • Home
    number of adult smokers in
    LA could fill 8 Tiger Stadiums.
    Tobacco free environments are
    a critical component of
    healthy environments.
  • Geaux Tobacco-Free does it mean to be Tobacco-Free?/Default.aspx
    Tobacco-free means being free from the use of cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, or smoking tobacco. ...
  • Geaux Tobacco-Free Well Spot

    Take your business to the next level and find out how to Geaux Tobacco-Free!

    Is your child’s or grandchild’s school tobacco-free campus? Click Here for more information you can share with your school principal for steps in Geauxing Tobacco-Free!

  • Oral HealthOLD Water Fluoridation

    The safety and benefits of fluoride are well documented and for 70 years people in the United States have benefited from drinking water with fluoride. Fluoridated water keeps the teeth strong and reducing decay by approximately 25% in children and adult- leading to saving money, and helping families and individuals live better, healthier lives. It has been found that for every dollar spent on community water fluoridation, up to $38 is saved in treatment costs for tooth decay.

    In Louisiana only 43% of residents receive the benefits of Community Water Fluoridation, compared to almost 75% nationally. In 2008, Governor Jindal signed Act 761 which mandates that water systems with over 5,000 connections initiate water fluoridation. As fluoride is nature's cavity fighter, community...

  • Oral HealthOLD Professionals
    in participating in the Louisiana Dental Loan Program? Find more information here. Learn more about fluoride varnish applications and training opportunities at Smiles for Life Bright Futures in Practice: Oral Health—Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition is designed to help health professionals implement specific oral health guidelines during pregnancy and postpartum, infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence, and it addresses risk assessment for dental caries, periodontal disease, malocclusion, and injury....
  • Tobacco-Free Policy
    Who are your stakeholders?
    • Identify and involve key stakeholders
    • Identify potential supporters and opponents
    Who will be required to follow the policy?
    • Consider who will be expected to follow the policy, and how to educate them once it passes
  • Tobacco-Free Policy Consequences
    Can you anticipate and address any unintended consequences?
    • Check if any terms or rules are likely to be misunderstood or misinterpreted
    • Address any rules that create problematic incentives
    Can you identify and correct loopholes?
    • Ensure that any expectations are no broader than intended
    • Check that definitions don’t accidentally leave out an important group or category
  • Tobacco-Free Policy Clarity
    • In strong policies, terms are used consistently within the policy

    • A well-written policy “fits” within the existing framework of policies or laws. This includes avoiding conflict with existing terms, procedures, penalties, or the general structure of related policies or laws

    • A successful policy is written so the people who are required to follow it can understand it (that is, it’s not just written for the lawyers!)

    • Use of active voice can help clarify who is responsible for following a rule.

  • Smoke-Free Public Housing Resources to Help Individuals Quit Smoking


  • Smoke-Free Public Housing this mean smokers can’t live in my buildings?/Default.aspx


  • Healthy Eating Hydrated


    Water doesn’t have to be “boring.” We all know it is important to stay hydrated, yet for some of us, it may be hard to get enough water in each day. Did you know there are ways to increase your water intake naturally?  Click here for awesome fruit-flavored water ideas. 

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