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    Road to Wellness: Driving Tobacco and Cancer off the Map CADCA and the Geographic Health Equity Alliance have developed a new educational supplement aimed at teaching young people and parents about the harms and effects of tobacco use. The supplement, which is intended to be used in the classroom, explains the science around the effects of tobacco use and its link to cancer and other chronic diseases and conditions. This in-depth resource was created through the Washington Times Newspaper in Education program and was published in The Washington Times newspaper on Nov. 20th to observe the Great American Smokeout. We encourage coalitions to partner with their local newspapers so that they can publish the supplement in their publication. Learn more by visiting their website at...
  • About | Well-Ahead Louisiana
    pretty proud of our way of life in Louisiana. Although, improving our wellbeing doesn't have to mean giving up our favorite things like good food, great music and legendary festivals. Rather, it means making smart choices so we can enjoy our favorite things even longer. Small choices towards wellness, enabled by the environments we're in every day, allow us the opportunity for balance. Together we can shape a future that gives us the chance to feel better and enjoy life a little longer. The Challenge: Louisiana is… 48 th in Overall Health 44 th in Outcomes 49 th in Determinants 48 th in...
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    number of adult smokers in
    LA could fill 8 Tiger Stadiums.
    Tobacco free environments are
    a critical component of
    healthy environments.
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