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  • Tobacco-Free Data
    2012-2013 LTCP Annual Report » 2011 Youth Tobacco Survey Report » 2010 LTCP Annual Report »...
  • Oral HealthOLD
    Facts... In 2011 the death rate due to cancer of the Oral Cavity and Pharynx was 3.8 per 100,000, making Louisiana 2nd highest in the U.S. (US 2.5) and there were 638 new cases An estimated 41.9% of third grade students have untreated tooth decay Only 43.4% percent of Louisiana residents receive fluoridated water compared to 74.6% nation wide Risk factors for oral and periodontal (gum) disease: 10.9% of adults in Louisiana have diabetes, 5% have cardiovascular disease, 23.5% are current smokers, and 6.4% report heavy alcohol use 53 of 64 parishes are designated as dental health professional shortage...
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