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  • How To Quit
    Teens For teens interested in quitting visit one of the following resources for more information. Smokefree Teens The Real Cost...
  • Geaux Tobacco-Free
    A free resource including quit coaches and quit plans supporting those wishing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Smokefree Women Smokefree Teens Smokefree en Espanol...
  • How To Quit
    Moms Pregnant or a new mom and want more information on how to be Tobacco Free? Quit With Us LA Smokefree Women Learn even more at the CDC's website ....
  • Tobacco-Free Policy
    information on tobacco-free worksite policies can be found under the Well-Ahead LA Well-Spot Designation section of our website. Louisiana Smoke-Free Act 6 Louisiana Act 815 "Louisiana Smokefree Air Act" Louisiana Act 838 Smoking Prohibited in Cars with Children under 13 Years Louisiana Act 211 Smoke-free Policies for COlleges and Universities State-wide 6 Healthier Air for All, Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living,...
  • Diabetes in Louisiana
  • Home
    number of adult smokers in
    LA could fill 8 Tiger Stadiums.
    Tobacco free environments are
    a critical component of
    healthy environments.
  • Oral HealthOLD Water Fluoridation

    The safety and benefits of fluoride are well documented and for 70 years people in the United States have benefited from drinking water with fluoride. Fluoridated water keeps the teeth strong and reducing decay by approximately 25% in children and adult- leading to saving money, and helping families and individuals live better, healthier lives. It has been found that for every dollar spent on community water fluoridation, up to $38 is saved in treatment costs for tooth decay.

    In Louisiana only 43% of residents receive the benefits of Community Water Fluoridation, compared to almost 75% nationally. In 2008, Governor Jindal signed Act 761 which mandates that water systems with over 5,000 connections initiate water fluoridation. As fluoride is nature's cavity fighter, community...

  • Healthy Eating Hydrated


    Water doesn’t have to be “boring.” We all know it is important to stay hydrated, yet for some of us, it may be hard to get enough water in each day. Did you know there are ways to increase your water intake naturally?  Click here for awesome fruit-flavored water ideas. 

  • School HealthOLD Health Index

    The School Health Index (SHI) is an online self-assessment and planning tool that schools can use to improve their health and safety policies and programs.  The SHI helps schools to identify their strengths and weaknesses and create an action plan based on their results.  Well-Ahead offers hands-on workshops and technical assistance to schools interested in exploring the SHI. If you are interested in having a workshop in your district, email Kate Holmes at

    School Health Index (CDC)

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