Managing COVID-19 at Your Clinic

Advice from Louisiana Providers on How to Manage COVID-19

Well-Ahead Louisiana conducted phone interviews with hospitals and clinics to understand how they are managing the COVID-19 situation. Below are some tips they have found successful implementing in their facility.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) conservation measures should be preemptively taken.

  • Educate staff on how and when to use PPE.
  • Send PPE to a secure central area and distribute to sites as needed.
  • Staff to conduct weekly count of PPE to preempt any shortages.


Frequent communication is vital and should include multiple daily huddles.

  • Communicate with residents and staff about why and how protocol is changing before implemented to reduce anxiety and confusion.
  • Regular check-ins with leadership to respond to staff questions. Move all other in-person meeting to virtual meetings where possible.
  • Regular check-ins with department leads to share updates, such as PPE inventory and COVID 19 test numbers.
  • Allow staff to schedule confidential behavioral health visits as needed.

COVID-19 Lead

Set COVID-19 lead/team who will stay informed of evolving evidence-based practice.

  • Have a team member responsible for staying abreast of best practices to share with providers and staff.

Isolating Patients

Prepare process for isolating COVID-19 patients early. All preparation should start as soon as possible.

  • Designate an elevator, waiting room and exam rooms for symptomatic patients.
  • Set up isolation rooms for those with symptoms.
  • Post notice on the door with COVID-19 General Information Line 1-855-523-2652 for symptomatic patients to call to coordinate testing.


Sites should start screening all individuals entering their facilities as soon as possible.

  • Proactively restrict entrances and have dedicated staff to screen everyone coming into site for COVID-19 symptoms. Screening should be done prior to entering the building.
  • Create a triage protocol for phone calls to decide if a patient needs to come in. All non-essential visits are done by phone or postponed.

Improvement Cycles

Innovative, rapid improvement cycles must be in place.

  • Implement telehealth only days.
  • Cross train staff for redundancies in the event of staff illness.
  • Clinic manager assigns each staff member a section of the building to sanitize.