Worksite Wellness 

In an effort to increase physical activity, encourage healthy eating, improve productivity, and boost a positive culture in our workplaces, the Office of Public Health is implementing a statewide wellness program for all employees. OPH360 will support you in improving your personal health through peer encouragement, educational opportunities and wellness activities.  Wellness activities will focus on healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco cessation and mental health. Be on the lookout for emails from your Wellness Champions for upcoming events and activities. 

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September Ways to Wellness 

Good sleep is key to staying well!  

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep in order to feel refreshed and energized to get through the next day.  Unfortunately, many Americans follow our cultural dictate of “a pill for every ill,” and look for answers from behind the prescription counter.  One only needs to watch commercial television programming for a short while to witness an advertisement for a prescription drug product promising to deliver better sleep.  In spite of racing through the government mandated warnings, one truth that goes unmentioned is that every prescription drug product ever marketed to promote sleep, all controlled substances, interferes with the body’s natural REM (rapid eye movement) cycle that is needed for restful sleep.  These drugs also cause tolerance, which means that they lose their effectiveness at established doses. The inevitable result is the gradual return of insomnia and increasing tiredness throughout the workday in spite of being unconscious for at least part of the previous night.

The best approach to better sleep is to develop good sleep hygiene. Set a schedule to plan for about eight hours of sleep each night.  Keep this routine all week, even on non-workdays.  A common problem when getting started is having to go to bed while not really tired.  This difficulty will resolve with practice.  Also plan appropriate activity in the hours leading up to bedtime, such as avoiding caffeinated beverages and artificial light, especially from view screens on telephones, computers, and televisions.  Instead, engage in restful activities in subdued light.  Although initiating good sleep hygiene does not satisfy the common desire for instant gratification, sleep will gradually improve with time, and this drug-free choice can be continued indefinitely.

For more information click here or see the OGB Health Capsule: Sleep and Health 

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*The Office of Public Health and the OPH360 Wellness Program does not take the place of medical advice. Individuals should always consult with a physician prior to starting any exercise or diet regimen.

What's For Dinner? Fruit & Oat Smoothie    


Homemade smoothies are a delicious and nutrient-dense way to refuel. They are great post-workout, on a hot afternoon, or as an easy on-the-go snack. Check out the recipe below! 

1/4 cup rolled oats | 2 Tbsp almond meal  | 1/2 tsp chia seeds  
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt   1 banana, sliced and frozen 1 cup of milk 
1 cup strawberries, sliced and frozen

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If using fresh fruit, add 1/2 cup ice cubes. 

Nutrition Facts (per serving):

  • Calories: 200 
  • Total Fat: 5 g
  • Protein: 10 g 
  • Carbohydrates: 33 g 
  • Sugars: 15 g 
  • Fiber: 5 g  


Who's Who?

Know Your Wellness Committee

Our Wellness Committee includes OPH leaders who are committed to moving OPH's health forward.  Check out who's involved below!  

Who's Who 

Dr. Bertrand (BJ) Foch - Chair

Region 5 Medical Director

Myra Lowe - co chair

Deputy Assistant Secretary

I’m so excited to be a part of our OPH360 wellness initiative committee. Investing in the physical and mental well-being of our employees is so important to me and it’s crucial to achieving a workforce that is both valued and appreciated. 2017 is going to be a great year for OPH employees and it is my hope that everyone will join us in our efforts. 


Rebecca Guidroz, RD, LDN - wellness Coordinator

Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


Region 3 

Leslie Lewis, RD, LDN 

Obesity Prevention Program Manager

christopher Harris

Region 1

Jessica Jolly

Director, Bureau of Regional & Clinical Enterprise System

Nicole Chreene, RN 

Region 7 Public Health Nurse

Amy gray, RN

Region 7 Public Health Nurse


Region  4


Region 8 

JEnnifer ryan, RD, LDN

Region 6 Regional Nutritionist 

Mark Malouse



Know Your Wellness Champions

A Wellness Champion is a co-worker that volunteered to lead your region or location's wellness activities. Have a question? Contact your Champion and shoot them an email.

Our Wellness Champions include OPH employees who are committed to moving OPH's health forward. Check out who's involved here!  

Click here if you'd like to apply to become a Wellness Champion. 

Moving Well-Ahead

Making small, healthy changes is easy when your community is also committed to health! 

Community Resource GuideFind healthy resources near you! Find resources for different health topics here.

Find WellSpots:  Is your child's school a WellSpot? What about your favorite lunch spot? Find out here!  

Additional Resources