School Health Promotion

Each day in Louisiana, more than 1,300 schools provide a setting for over 716,000 students to learn and establish lifelong healthy behaviors. Well-Ahead Louisiana helps our schools create healthy school environments for Louisiana students to succeed and thrive.

Changing Our Lifestyle Will Impact Students

Opportunity for Health Improvements in Louisiana Schools

We’re pretty proud of our way of life in Louisiana and our lifestyle has a big impact on our overall health. These numbers affect every aspect of life in our communities, including academic success. Research shows a strong connection between healthy behaviors and academic achievement. Youth risk behaviors, such as physical inactivity, unhealthy dietary behaviors and tobacco use are consistently linked to poor grades and test scores and lower educational attainment. 

School Bus Front
0 +
Louisiana middle school students currently use tobacco products¹
Graduation Cap Lime
0 +
Louisiana high school students currently use tobacco products²
Stick People One in Four Teal
1 in 4
of students who are overweight or obese is at risk for poor academic achievement compared to 1 in 5 of students not overweight or obese²
of Louisiana high school students didn’t eat any fruits in the last week²
of Louisiana high school students didn’t eat any vegetables in the last week²
Providing a Healthy School Environment

Improve the Health of Louisiana Students

Well-Ahead is changing the conversation around health in schools. Research shows that healthy school environments can improve students’ academic performance and overall health. The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model is our framework for promoting health in schools. The model is student-centered and emphasizes the role of the community in supporting schools, the connections between health and academic achievement and the importance of evidence-based policies and practices. Well-Ahead connects schools to resources that can help them implement healthy changes to prevent chronic disease, promote health and connect our communities to healthier future.

Grant Opportunities for Louisiana Schools

Well-Ahead connects schools to opportunities for funding and technical assistance.

Health & Wellness Data Collection in Louisiana

Well-Ahead monitors health behaviors, practices and policies in schools, so we can provide effective support.

Healthy Eating and Education in Louisiana Schools

Healthy school nutrition environments provide nutritious and appealing foods and drinks and consistent and accurate messages about good nutrition.

Healthy School Training for Louisiana Staff

Our Healthy Schools Training Krewe provides professional development and training to implement healthy changes at school.

Healthy Out-of-School Time

Healthy behaviors should be taught not only during the school day, but before- and after-school, too.

Louisiana Healthy Schools

Well-Ahead and the Louisiana Department of Education work together through Louisiana Healthy Schools to ensure that all public school students have access to a healthy school environment.

Physical Activity Programs and Education

Students need access to opportunities to be physically active and to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be healthy for a lifetime.

Reopening Schools During COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges to our schools, and Louisiana has come together to work through solutions. Well-Ahead is working to connect school administrators, teachers and nurses to resources, education and training that support safe reopening.

Sustainable School Health Programs

The three elements of a successful school health program include a wellness team, an action plan and a wellness policy.

WellSpot Designation

Well-Ahead works with schools to help them implement wellness benchmarks. This is a great first step to implementing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model in schools.

1 Louisiana Youth Tobacco Survey, 2019.

2 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2019.