Coalitions and Collaboratives

Be a Leader for Louisiana

Partner with Leaders to Move Louisiana’s Health Forward

Whether you’re a community leader, organization or healthcare provider, you have the opportunity to aid in the support of moving Louisiana’s health forward. Check out our partner coalition and collaborative organizations to find out how you can connect Louisiana communities to a healthier future. Together, we can make a difference!

Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network

The Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network (LaDEN) is comprised of diabetes educators and various health care professionals across the state of Louisiana. Well-Ahead Louisiana provides professional support and development to LaDEN by hosting webinar opportunities, online meetings and in-person trainings.

Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

The Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network Prevents Type 2 Diabetes (LaDEN Prevents) is comprised of National DPP coordinators and lifestyle coaches and provides advanced training and development to explore program best practices.

Louisiana Obesity and Diabetes Collaborative

The Louisiana Obesity and Diabetes Collaborative is a group of dedicated individuals working to improve health outcomes related to obesity and diabetes through advocacy work, including increasing health literacy, connecting patients to programs and services, and increasing awareness of prediabetes and diabetes.

Louisiana Oral Health Coalition

The Louisiana Statewide Oral Health Coalition is a voluntary collaborative made up of individuals and organizations from throughout the state who are dedicated to improving the oral health of all Louisiana residents.

Louisiana Tobacco Coalition

Quitting tobacco and creating tobacco-free environments for Louisiana's communities are both major steps towards a healthier Louisiana. The Louisiana Tobacco Coalition joins like-minded local, state and national partners to make our communities safer, healthier and tobacco-free.

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