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Move Louisiana’s Health Forward

Celebrate our Louisiana lifestyle. ​

Improving our health doesn’t mean giving up our Louisiana culture. It’s making small changes in the places where we live, work, learn and play. Take the lead in improving the health of your community today!

Child Care Centers

Model healthy behaviors for our youngest generation.

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Colleges & Universities

Your students are on their own for the first time—help them make healthy choices.

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Faith Based Organizations

Our places of worship can spread the word of committing to a healthier future in a powerful way.

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Healthcare Facilities

Empower your practice and patients with resources to provide integrated, efficient and effective care services.

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Good food is easy to find in Louisiana, and offering healthy choices helps our residents enjoy it even longer.

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Healthy school environments can help students develop and maintain healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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Worksites & Retailers

Investing in the health of your employees is good for the bottom line—for your business and Louisiana.

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Together, we can make an impact.

Well-Ahead is supporting leaders to connect our communities to a healthier future.


of our youth impacted by healthy changes at school


rural health clinics established of increase access to healthcare


healthcare facilities supported in making system-level improvements


healthy changes implemented in spaces and places across the state

Move Well-Ahead

We all have a role to play in connecting Louisiana’s communities to a healthier future. You can lead the way.​

WellSpot Designation

Want to join over 3,000 organizations across Louisiana that have made the healthy choice the easy choice? This is the spot.

Provider Education Network

Tools, training and technical assistance to help you provide the best possible care to your patients and make every angle of your practice more effective.

Living Well-Ahead

Making small healthy choices every day can reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases.

Coalitions and Collaboratives

Make connections with other leaders in your community working to build a culture of health.


Being healthy means more than simply not being sick. Louisiana is ranked 49th in overall health. It’s time for a change. Now more than ever, we need you to help our residents manage and prevent chronic disease. ​

Healthcare Access

Most of our residents live in a health professional shortage area. Together, we can expand our community health systems to provide integrated, efficient and effective care services to all Louisiana residents.

Help your community get access to the healthcare they need.

Leaders in Action