Tobacco Cessation and Prevention

To be a healthier Louisiana, we need to be a tobacco-free Louisiana. Well-Ahead Louisiana is committed to assisting communities and organizations make changes to help our residents geaux tobacco-free.

Changing for Good

Taking Down Tobacco in Louisiana

While Louisiana has made progress in the fight against tobacco use, the data shows more work is needed. We must continue providing resources to all residents who are ready to quit tobacco for good, as well as promoting tobacco-free policies. It is also imperative that we elevate our efforts that encourage high school and middle school students to say “no” to vaping. By empowering organizations and leaders in our communities to play an active role in tobacco prevention and cessation, we can work toward a healthy, tobacco-free future for Louisiana.

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is the nation’s leading cause of preventable disease¹
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of low-income adults smoke tobacco²
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0 +
Louisiana high school students currently use tobacco products³
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1 in 5
Louisiana adults smoke tobacco²
A Comprehensive Approach

Best Practice Guidelines for a Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program

Our tobacco cessation and prevention program is built around best practices identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The components of a comprehensive tobacco control program include:

State and Community Interventions

Developing and supporting programs and policies that can be implemented at organizational, municipal and state levels to make policy, systems and environmental changes that support residents in geauxing tobacco-free

Mass-Reach Health Communications Interventions

Delivering strategic, culturally appropriate and high-impact messages to combat tobacco industry marketing strategies through media and health promotion activities

Cessation Interventions

Promoting health systems change, expanding health plan coverage of proven cessation treatments and supporting Louisiana Quitline capacity

Surveillance and Evaluation

Monitoring and documenting key short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes within populations to inform program and policy directions, demonstrate program effectiveness and monitor progress on reducing health disparities.

In coordination with our statewide WellSpot Designation program, we work with organizations to implement evidence-based strategies and promote healthy choices in the spaces and places where we live, work, learn and play to promote tobacco use cessation, prevent tobacco use initiation and eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke for Louisiana residents.

Emerging Tobacco Products

Tobacco companies continue to innovate tobacco products and market them in new ways to get our residents, especially our young people, hooked on tobacco.

Louisiana Legislation

Changes to policy is a key component to ensuring a tobacco-free Louisiana. By working with the state government, Well-Ahead educates state leaders, decision-makers and the public about evidence-based policies to reduce the burden of tobacco use statewide.

Louisiana Tobacco Coalition

Well-Ahead convenes organizations throughout Louisiana to align efforts and implement strategic planning, focused initiatives and outreach programs to reduce the use of tobacco in our state.

Secondhand Smoke

Clean air should be available to all our residents at all times. Secondhand smoke contains many of the same harmful chemicals that are inhaled by residents who smoke. By promoting smoke-free and tobacco-free policies in all spaces and places across our state, we can help our residents breathe easier.

Tobacco Cessation

Well-Ahead is committed to helping our residents quit tobacco for good. From providing quit resources to community members, to tools to help others quit, to information about cessation coverage, we are working toward a tobacco-free Louisiana.

Tobacco Cessation Education and Training for Providers

Healthcare professionals are crucial in providing cessation support for their patients. Well-Ahead provides training and education to help make tobacco screening and referring a standard of care.

Tobacco Data Collection

The fight against tobacco use begins with knowing the facts. Well-Ahead complies the latest data that illustrate the dangerous burden of tobacco use for our state.

Tobacco Industry Marketing

Tobacco advertising is a powerful influence. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the tactics tobacco companies are using to target our most vulnerable communities.

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation for Youth and Young Adults

Well-Ahead works with schools, out of school time programs (which include before- and after-school programs) and other youth influencers to increase awareness about the serious risks of tobacco use, to educate on available youth cessation tools and to provide guidance on how to take action on campuses, in communities and at home.

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3 Louisiana Youth Tobacco Survey, 2019.