Wellspot Location Details

Baton Rouge General Medical Center - Bluebonnet Campus
WellSpot Type: Hospital
WellSpot Level: Level One
Address: 8585 Picardy Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone Number: 225-763-4844
Website: https://www.brgeneral.org/locations/bluebonnet-campus/

Smoke-Free Site

A smoke-free policy bans smoking of any kind on the property, including but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and electronic cigarettes. The policy should cover the entire property.  A smoke-free policy is a great first step toward gradually shifting to a tobacco-free environment. 

This WellSpot has implemented a smoke-free policy.

Tobacco-Free Site

The foundation for WellSpot designation is centered on tobacco-free environments.  A tobacco-free policy prohibits use of all tobacco products on an organization’s property.  This includes tobacco in all forms, as well as any type of smoking device.

This WellSpot has implemented a tobacco-free policy.

Tobacco Cessation Coverage

To meet this benchmark for WellSpot recognition, an organization’s employee health plan must cover tobacco cessation counseling and/or medications, including nicotine replacement therapies.

This WellSpot offers tobacco cessation coverage as part of its health plan.

Promotion of LA Tobacco Quitline

Promotion of cessation services available in the state is key to assisting individuals in their attempt to quit.  It is important to make these services known so tobacco users know where to go to get help in their quit attempts.

This WellSpot has met all the requirements regarding promotion of the LA Tobacco Quitline.

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace

According to the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition, Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplaces provide:

  • Reasonable break time for working mothers to pump breast milk as needed throughout the day
  • One of more permanent breastfeeding rooms, or a clean, private, and safe space with an outlet (other than a toilet stall) that mothers can use for lactation when needed
  • A working sink near the breastfeeding location where mothers can clean pumping equipment
  • The lactation support (a place to pump and break time) is communicated to all current and future employees

This WellSpot has a breastfeeding friendly policy and provides the above support for nursing mothers.

Worksite Wellness – Beginning Implementation

Worksite Wellness is a major component of WellSpot designation criteria.  Changing the culture of health in the workplace through worksite wellness programming has a multitude of benefits for both employees and employers.  The “Beginning Implementation” phase of a Worksite Wellness Program includes obtaining support from management, designating staff members to lead the program, and planning employee evaluations to build a foundation for the program.

This WellSpot has implemented the beginning stages of their Worksite Wellness Program.

Worksite Wellness Program Workplan

This phase of Worksite Wellness Program implementation includes the development of a workplan or calendar of events based on employee survey results.

This WellSpot has developed a workplan or calendar of events for their Worksite Wellness Program.

Worksite Wellness – Full Implementation

The “Full Implementation” phase of a Worksite Wellness Program is complete when an organization has executed their program for at least one year.  After one year of implementation, another employee survey should be completed to evaluate the impact of the program.

This WellSpot has a fully implemented Worksite Wellness Program that encourages its employees to lead healthier, happier lives!

5-2-1-0 Partner

The 5-2-1-0 program is adapted from the evidence-based 5-2-1-0 program developed by the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center.

     5-2-1-0 stands for:
     5 or more fruits and vegetables per day
     2 or less hours of recreational screen time per day
     1 or more hour of physical activity per day
     0 sodas or sweetened beverages per day

This WellSpot promotes the 5-2-1-0 program in at least two ways in its facility.

Healthy Vending

WellSpot designation encourages organizations to help “make the healthy choice the easy choice” at their facility.  Implementing healthy vending makes healthy snack options more readily available.  State vending guidelines define healthy items as having 250 calories or less, 35% or less total calories from fat (excluding nuts and seeds), 10% or less total calories from saturated fat, 30g or less sugars, and 360mg or less sodium. 

This WellSpot has certified that at least 50% of their vending machine items meet healthy vending guidelines.

Promotion of Self-Assessment Tools 

WellSpots are asked to promote self-assessment tools that assess an individual's risk for developing prediabetes or heart conditions. These self-assessment tools are critical for detecting signs and symptoms of diabetes or heart conditions in their early stages.  

This WellSpot promotes self-assessment tools for prediabetes and heart health among employees.  

GIFT Hospital Designation

The GIFT is a Louisiana hospital designation program that provides resources and a framework to help birthing facilities improve breastfeeding outcomes through incremental adoption of internationally recognized evidence-based practices.  It is designed to increase breastfeeding rates and hospital success by improving the quality of their maternity services and enhancing patient-centered care.

This WellSpot is a GIFT designated hospital.

Baby Friendly Hospital Designation - Completion of Phase D2

The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is a global program that was launched by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund in 1991 to encourage and recognize hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding and mother/baby bonding.

This hospital WellSpot has completed phase 2 of the 4-D Pathway for Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative designation.

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Designation

Completion of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative designation is a major accomplishment for hospitals.  The program recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding and mother/baby bonding.

This WellSpot has achieved Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative designation.

Community-Based Obesity Prevention

Hospital WellSpots are encouraged to make local sustainable investments in obesity prevention initiatives to positively affect this trend and reduce obesity and its many co-morbidities for those in the community.

This hospital WellSpot has made a community-based obesity prevention investment.

Healthy Cafeteria Dining Options

Hospitals have the opportunity to work collaboratively with food vending contractors to provide healthy dining options in their cafeterias through eliminating fried foods and restructuring pricing options to incentivize making healthy choices.  This WellSpot benchmark recognizes hospitals that capitalize on the opportunity to offer at least one healthy option during each meal time daily.

This hospital WellSpot offers at least one healthy dining option during each meal time in its cafeteria.

Provide Educational Materials for at Risk Patients 

Hospitals have the ability to impact patients in multiple ways prior to the patients discharge.  Hospital WellSpots are asked to provide self-management education materials to patients who demonstrate high risk for the development of high blood pressure (hypertension), prediabetes, diabetes or obesity.  Giving take home education provides patients with self-management techniques that can be referenced from home.

This hospital WellSpot provides blood pressure, diabetes and weight self-management education to patients at or prior to discharge.

Diabetes Self-Management Collaboration 

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program (DSME) curricula can help patients adopt healthy behaviors, manage disease symptoms, and prevent further disease progression.  Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) curricula can help patients adopt healthy behaviors to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.  Hospitals that do not offer a DSME or DPP program should refer patients to a local program. 

This hospital WellSpot offers or refers to a community resource for diabetes self-management education or prevention.