Category: Healthy Eating and Food Resources, Physical Fitness

Address: 3600 Desire Parkway, New Orleans, LA 70177

The Abundance of Desire offers many different health and wellness opportunities to those in the community.  Their mission is to create opportunities for those in the community.  They believe that given the chance, resources and tools most people will choose to improve their lives and the lives of the community members around them.

Abundance of Desire works to promote, facilitate and encourage healthy life choices through nutritional education, health seminars, physical activity and wholesome food choices. They offer after school tutorials, a computer lab/library for adult exploratory learning and Prime Time Family Reading facilitated by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. They also provide free or inexpensive meeting space for community and civic engagement.

Contact: Rev. Irvin Bell

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Abundance of Desire Health Education

3600 Desire Parkway, New Orleans, LA 70177

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