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Address: 1634 Elton Road, Jennings, LA 70546

American Legion Hospital in Jennings offers free prenatal and follow up post-partum breastfeeding classes. The classes are taught by Sarah Deese, RN IBCLC, a board certified lactation consultant. For more information on the classes you can call the OB/GYN Clinic of JALH at (337) 824-6150.

Dr. Krystle Baker, an OB/GYN specialist with the OB/GYN Clinic of Jennings American Legion Hospital also holds “FREE” Childbirth Education Classes every other month. The class is open to anyone regardless if they are a patient of the clinic. For more information on her next class call (337) 824-6150.

Contact: Krystle Baker

More Information: 337-824-6150

American Legion Hospital Breastfeeding Classes

1634 Elton Road, Jennings, LA 70546

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