Category: Diabetes Prevention and Management

Address: 2804 Second Avenue, Lake Charles, LA 70601

The Diabetes Education Services of Lake Charles Memorial Hospital offers people with diabetes the learning opportunities and support they need to get healthy and avoid the serious complications that can be associated with the disease in Southwest Louisiana. In addition to learning how to monitor your glucose, the staff, which includes a certified diabetes educator, nurse educator and registered dietitian, can adapt a meal plan to your own lifestyle, develop an exercise program tailored to your individual needs, discuss possible complications of diabetes, and explain how to reduce your risk of developing these complications. The management of diabetes is a team effort involving you, your family, your physician and Memorial Hospital Diabetes Education. Diabetes Education also hosts a free support group twice a month that is open to the community.

Costs for program participation varies based on patients individual insurance provider. 

The Free Support Group for LCMH meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 10am-11am; Call to register or visit: For further information regarding LCMH Support groups and group classes visit these links, respectively: 
Lake Charles Memorial Health System Support Groups:
Group Classes:

More Information: 337-494-6425

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Diabetes Education and Support Group

2804 Second Avenue, Lake Charles, LA 70601

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