Category: Stress Management and Mental Health

Address: 302 Dulles Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506

A free crisis counseling program, funded by FEMA and administered by the Louisiana Department of Health, is open to any adult or child in designated parishes. 

Trained counselors are provided by the network of state Human Services Authorities and districts. Calls to the crisis lines are free of charge, as are face-to-face follow-up sessions for children (and adults) whose needs cannot be fully served through phone counseling.

The health department team encourages parents to help children through the season by listening and talking about their feelings, while reassuring them they are loved and that it’s okay to have these feelings. Children are resilient, and with reassurance, guidance and love, they will be able to take a life-changing event and develop the coping mechanisms to assist them in the future.

To speak with a Louisiana Spirit crisis counselor, call 1-866-310-7977.

More Information: 337-262-4190 or 1-866-310-7977

Louisiana Spirit Crisis Counseling – Lafayette

302 Dulles Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506

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