Category: Healthy Eating and Food Resources, Physical Fitness, Stress Management and Mental Health

Address: 1401 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121
Cost: $25

Golden Opportunity (GO) is a membership program that promotes an active, healthy and independent lifestyle. 

GO offers a broad array of wellness services, educational information, diagnostic screenings, social activities and travel opportunities to keep you on track for optimum health.

GO can help you make healthy lifestyle choices, whether it’s attending relevant health seminars, learning about risk factors for diseases, guidance in understanding your medications or tips for heart-healthy eating, we want to be a part of the best years of your life and want you to know that we’re your partner in good health.

The cost of membership is $25 per member and $40 for a member & spouse. Thereafter, to maintain membership after the first year is only $10 per person.

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Ochsner Health System Golden Opportunity Program

1401 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121

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