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Address: 1300 Perdido Street, Suite BW15, New Orleans LA 70112

Smart Portions is a healthy weight program which includes: weekly classes, a personalized meal plan, resource binder, optional weekly weigh-ins, journal of personal progress, weekly food demonstrations and tastings, as well as motivational tools to help you stay on track. The educational program focuses on helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight based on the following lifestyle changes: eating healthy using MyPlate food groups and portion sizes, regular physical activity most days of the week, and focusing on healthy weight–not pounds lost! Session topics include: “Smart Portions Orientation”, “Smart Portions Works” (what is the Smart Portions Plan and why it works), “Smart Portions Made Tasty” (planning tasty nutritious meals), “Smart Portions of Activity” (choosing the right type and amount of physical activity for you), “Smart Portions in Control” (starting new habits), “Smart Portions Away from Home” (dining out wisely), “Smart Portions Essentials” (learning the basics of good nutrition), “Smart Portions of Healthy Self-Esteem” (feeling good about yourself by treating your body right), and “Smart Portions for Life” (making your new lifestyle last a lifetime). The current program cost is $60 person. Please contact organization for the most up-to-date information.

Contact: Bertina McGhee

More Information: 504-658-2900

Smart Portions: A Healthy Weight Program

1300 Perdido Street, Suite BW15, New Orleans LA 70112

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