Category: Stress Management and Mental Health

Address: 444 Sitman Street, Greensburg, LA 70441

St. Helena Parish Hospital Behavioral Health Services offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment for adults (40 and older) experiencing life-altering emotional crises, such as depression, grief, anxiety, panic, stress, or fear.  This active treatment program teaches practical ways to respond to any type of traumatic life event, behavioral difficulty or emotional distress, especially major events due to the loss of a loved one, independence, job, health or relationship.  Symptoms commonly treated include depression, avoidance and anxiety.  A group of clinical professionals are dedicated to patient recovery and are experienced in group psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, expressive therapy and mental health management, will be there every step of the way!

Anyone may contact the clinic directly – including the patient, family members, friends, assisted living/group home facilities, retirement communities, physicians, and home health professionals.  A confidential assessment is scheduled to determine if the program is right for the patient.  Needs and goals are established, and an individual treatment plan is designed.  Participants receive group therapy up to three days per week and individual/family therapy as needed.  Medication management is also provided.

Treatment is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

More Information: 225-222-4006 or

St. Helena Parish Hospital Behavioral Health Services

444 Sitman Street, Greensburg, LA 70441

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