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Martin Luther King (MLK) Health Center and Pharmacy in Shreveport has always made it a priority to support the health and wellness of the patients they serve, and that commitment extends to their staff. Last spring, they took steps to enhance their worksite wellness program and support their employees overall health and wellbeing.

When MLK Health Center and Pharmacy learned about the Well-Ahead Louisiana Worksite Wellness Mini-Grant, they were excited for the opportunity to better focus on the wellness of their team. Through this grant, they received funds and support to host a series of wellness events for their team at their facility, such as healthy recipe demonstrations and yoga classes. They also hosted wellness challenges, including a steps challenge, to motivate their team to get active. Even after the challenges ended, the team continued these healthy habits and had a renewed mindset regarding wellness.

“One of our team members has had some knee surgeries in the past and always walks with a partner,” shared Jordan Ring Scroggs, executive director of MLK Health Center and Pharmacy. “The person she always walks with was going to be taking an extended vacation this summer, so she reached out to the rest of the staff and asked for help to stay committed to her daily walks. Every day it was a different team member who made sure that she was able to get out and get her walks in that day. I was very proud to see the rest of my team step up to make sure their teammates are reaching their goals.”

The worksite wellness program helped establish a culture of wellness for the MLK Health Center and Pharmacy’s team and encouraged staff to start conversations around wellness. Jordan explained how healthy recipe suggestions, recommendations for restaurants with healthier menu options, and exercise tips are a regular part of staff conversations.

And by encouraging and supporting employees’ wellness journeys, MLK Health Center and Pharmacy team members were healthier and happier employees!

“Some staff have said that it’s really improved their overall sentiment towards the workplace because they know that as a business we care about our employees’ health,” said Jordan. “They really appreciate having space throughout the work day to make wellness a priority.”

Ready to learn more about starting a worksite wellness program at your facility? Well-Ahead Louisiana can help by connecting you to tools and resources to create a healthier worksite.

We are now accepting applications for the Worksite Wellness Mini-Grant! Learn more about the grant opportunity and how to apply.