Worksite Wellness Mini-Grant Application

Funding for Health and Wellness Support in Louisiana Worksites

WellSpots work hard to make the healthy choice, the easy choice for their employees and community. A key part of that work can be implementing a worksite wellness program. Through organized education and activities, as well as environmental and policy changes, WellSpots can make their workplace more supportive of healthy behaviors like healthy eating, being physically active, managing stress and quitting tobacco.

Developing a culture of wellness takes time and hard work, and Well-Ahead Louisiana wants to encourage and reward you for your efforts by offering our Worksite Wellness Mini-Grant funding opportunity. WellSpots can receive up to $3,000 to initiate or improve workplace wellness policies and programs to make sustainable changes that support employee health and wellbeing at their worksite.

Why is Worksite Wellness Important?

Louisiana has one of the highest adult obesity prevalence rates nationally, with 38.1% of Louisiana adults who are obese, according to America’s Health Rankings 2021. Since most full-time working adults spend a majority of their time at work, effective workplace programs and policies makes sense—not only for the health of our state, but for your workplace, too!

Some of the greatest benefits of a worksite wellness program include:

  • Decreased healthcare costs (through reduction in obesity and chronic disease outcomes)
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved employee morale and retention rates

Policy, System and Environmental Changes Through Worksite Wellness

This Worksite Wellness Mini-Grant funding opportunity is designed to support worksites in implementing policy, systems and environmental (PSE) changes that support opportunities for staff to improve overall health, increase physical activity, make healthy nutrition choices, quit using tobacco, and reduce stress.

To qualify for this mini-grant, you must show that you will be implementing PSE change through a worksite wellness program.

Examples of PSE change initiatives that can be implemented through a worksite wellness program include:

  • Adoption of nutrition-based policies (healthy meeting or healthy vending)
  • Implementation of 50% healthy vending
  • Modifying health insurance benefits to include fitness memberships, DSMES coverage, DPP coverage, or tobacco cessation coverage
  • Adoption of a comprehensive tobacco-free policy
  • Implementing a breastfeeding-friendly worksite policy and create a private and comfortable space for breastfeeding mothers besides a restroom
  • Creating a policy to allow opportunities to exercise at the workplace during break times
  • Implementation of a water challenge to encourage increased water intake among employees
  • Implementation of a walking challenge to encourage increased physical activity
  • Promoting the Louisiana Tobacco Quitline (Quit With Us, Lousiana) or another approved cessation program
  • Providing onsite wellness screenings

For more information regarding PSE change, please refer to the Health Trust—PSE Change Guide.

Apply for the Worksite Wellness Mini-Grant

The application period for spring 2022 is now closed. Notifications of awards will be made no later than March 23, 2022. Funds will be disbursed within a month following award notification.

All mini-grant recipients must be currently designated as a Level 3, 2 or 1 WellSpot. If you are not yet a WellSpot, learn how you can get started!

Mini-grantees will work with a regional Well-Ahead Representative who will provide technical assistance and resources to assist with implementation of WellSpot benchmarks and mini-grant requirements. For any portion of the application, implementation and evaluation, Well-Ahead will provide technical assistance, within reason, to make a program or intervention a success.

  • Mini-Grant Required Activities
    • Establish and/or maintain a worksite wellness committee with a dedicated champion for employee health and well-being and submit a leadership support statement.
    • Conduct an employee health assessment to identify needs for the worksite wellness program. All data collected will be anonymous and results submitted to Well-Ahead. If you have conducted an employee health assessment within the last 12 months, you may submit the results from that assessment.
    • Submit a calendar of events for a worksite wellness program with required components (tobacco cessation, mental health, physical activity, nutrition or healthy eating) OR submit a description of a worksite wellness program implementation plan. The calendar or plan should be 6–12 months.
    • Conduct a program evaluation to identify staff feedback or recommendations at the three-month mark.
    • Participate in a follow up meeting with a Well-Ahead staff member to talk about successes and challenges of the project and lessons learned by June 30, 2022. Upon request, agree to be featured in a Well-Ahead blog post. As needed, provide photos and review blog post content before publication.
    • If your organization has a presence on social media, please share pictures related to the use of funds on social media platforms. Any activities shared on social media funded by the mini-grant please tag Well-Ahead.
      • Instagram: @WellAheadLouisiana
      • Facebook: @WellAheadLA
      • Twitter: @WellAheadLA
      • If your organization does not have social media, pictures with a short description related to the use of the funds should be sent to to be recognized on our social media.
    • Use of the Well-Ahead logo on materials should be sent to Well-Ahead for approval before distribution.
    • Press releases are encouraged but should be approved by Well-Ahead before submittal.
    • All funds must be spent by May 31, 2022.
  • Funding Restrictions
    • The applicant must not use funds to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.
    • Funds cannot be used for individual prizes or incentives.
    • Funds cannot be used for food, salaries, lobbying or advocacy activities, or office equipment (such as computers, printers, chairs, pens etc.).
      • Materials for the project are allowed, such as printing, paint, etc.
  • Examples of Allowable Purchases
    • Refrigerators or freezers to encourage healthier options
    • Equipment such as scales, fresh water dispensers, water bottle refill stations, items for a worksite garden
    • Worksite wellness trainings for staff
    • Stencils and paint to transform outdoor sidewalks for physical activity and mindfulness (can include yoga pose stations, check your heart rate stations, positive messaging and images, etc.)
    • Printed education material for staff (education topics can include tobacco cessation, physical activity, nutrition, mental health, diabetes prevention and heart health)
    • Blender Bike used as an interactive way to blend smoothies while increasing physical activity and providing educational opportunities
    • Education opportunities such as lectures, group programs/classes
    • Equipment for exercise program (can include weights, exercise mats, DVDs, pedometers for use in an exercise challenge/program, etc.)
    • Educational lunch and learns and/or healthy cooking demonstrations
    • Signage denoting tobacco-free campus, walking/cycling path, etc.
  • Required Documentation

    As part of the application, you will need to upload the following documentation.

    Statement of Support

    You will need to provide proof of leadership support statement for worksite wellness at your organization.

    Timeline of Planned Activities or Calendar of Events

    You will need to provide a detailed timeline of planned activities or a six-month calendar with events. Interventions with a strong evidence-base (CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, AARP’s Walk with Ease, etc.) will be given priority.

    Applicants are encouraged to use the following resources to search for evidence-based worksite wellness interventions:

    Itemized Budget Proposal

    You will need to provide an itemized budget proposal with explanations for each item. Awardees may revise or adjust the budget after receiving the award; however, Well-Ahead will need to approve any budget revisions before items can be purchased.