Help Teens Quit Tobacco

Tobacco Cessation Resources for Youth and Young Adults

When youth are ready to quit tobacco, they need resources that support them with their specific challenges. Tobacco cessation resources from Quit With Us, Louisiana and Smokefree Teen are free, and provide coaching and educational resources through text, web chat, phone calls and more to support youth in quitting for good. In addition, schools can implement quit support programs that teach students refusal skills and avoidance techniques, provide social support from peers and counselors, and link participants to resources in the community.

Support Tobacco Cessation in Schools

When teens make the decision to quit using tobacco, schools should support their decision with resources and education to help them be successful. There are cessation resources developed specifically for teens such as Live Vape Free; Quit With Us, Louisiana’s Youth Support Program; and Smokefree Teen.

The American Lung Association has developed a program to help schools provide smoking and vaping cessation support to students that want to quit. The Vaping Education and Tobacco Cessation Program, Not-On-Tobacco® (N-O-T) is a 10-session program provides the tools, information, and support for teens to end their addiction to tobacco. Participating schools will be recognized as part of the American Lung Association Vape-Free Schools Initiative in their communities.

Live Vape Free

The Live Vape Free youth texting program is free and available for teens ages 13 to 17. The program offers multimedia activities that includes videos, quizzes, self-assessments, flip cards and podcasts. The support is text message based and will provide personalized and interactive coaching. Youth will also have access to a personal Quit Coach at any time by texting the word “Coach.” The quit coaches will provide education, tools and guidance to help youth initiate and sustain a quit attempt.

Youth can enroll into the Live Vape Free program by texting “VAPEFREE” to 873373 to get started.

Youth Support Program

Quit With Us, Louisiana’s Youth Support Program (YSP) through the Louisiana Tobacco Quitline is a behavioral support service tailored to fit the needs and unique challenges faced by youth tobacco users. The Youth Support Program is free for all youth ages 13-17 and serves all types of tobacco users. Youth participants will receive 10 telephone or web coaching sessions. All sessions will be completed with the same quit coach, who is trained in youth support.

Teens can visit, text “READY” to 200-400, or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to get started!

Additional Resources through Smokefree Teen

The National Cancer Institute’s Smokefree Teen is a mobile-based tobacco intervention for youth ages 13-17 who are interested in or actively trying to quit tobacco. Smokefree Teen addresses key barriers and motivators for youth to quit tobacco use of all types and provides evidence-based cessation resources and interventions to help youth initiate and sustain a quit attempt.

Smokefree Teen’s free text message and app programs provide 24/7 tips, advice, encouragement and challenges to help teens become and stay tobacco-free. They include SmokefreeTXT, DipfreeTXT, Practice Quit, Daily Challenges and the quitSTART app.

This webpage is a part of our Vape-Free Schools Toolkit, created in partnership with the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-free Living.