BEcome A WEllSpot

We all have a role in improving the health of our residents.  Whether you are a teacher, healthcare provider, mayor, business leader or restaurant owner, you have a great opportunity to promote healthy choices in the spaces and places where we live, work, learn and play. Join organizations across the state that are putting the health and wellness of Louisiana residents first by becoming a WellSpot. WellSpots implement smart changes in their environments by meeting wellness benchmarks.  This could mean going tobacco-free, providing healthy vending options, implementing team-based care, or supporting a worksite fitness program.  Show your employees, students, patrons, patients, and community members and more that you care about their health.  Take the lead.  Start the designation process to move your workplace to a WellSpot today! 

What is a WellSpot?

WellSpots are workplaces in Louisiana that voluntarily implement healthy changes (wellness benchmarks) in their environment to help their employees and community live well. There are currently over 2,500 WellSpots statewide! Places and organizations that meet certain wellness benchmarks are designated as a Level 1, 2 or 3 WellSpot. You can use the Quick Links, located on the right, to view benchmarks by organization type.  

Organizations love being WellSpots! Check out how making the healthy choice the easy choice is benefiting WellSpots throughout Louisiana.  




What organizations are WellSpots in your community? Click here to find out! 

Why become a WellSpot?

By becoming a WellSpot, you're joining organizations throughout the state who are putting the health and wellness of Louisiana residents first.  You’re showing your employees, students, patients, patrons and more that they can live well by making small choices.  Healthier employees are happier.  They miss less work.  They are more productive. And, their healthcare costs go down.  Healthier students are better learners, and healthier hospital and healthcare facility environments can improve patient outcomes. If we work together to make smart, healthy changes in our workplaces, we could reduce future economic health costs by more than $17 billion by 2023!

How does my organization become a WellSpot?

It's easy to become a WellSpot! Spaces and places are designated as WellSpots after meeting wellness benchmarks that correspond to their organization type - worksite, child care center, school, college/university, restaurant, hospital, healthcare facility, or faith-based organization. Click here to view the benchmarks for your organization type.

My organization is a WellSpot! What's next? 

Being designated as a WellSpot is a big accomplishment – so your community needs to know all about it!  Upon designation, you will receive a recognition certificate from the Louisiana Department of Health.  You will also receive an official WellSpot decal to display on the entrance of your business.  In addition, your organization will be added to our interactive WellSpot map.  You will also receive a promotional toolkit to help you promote your designation on social media, to the press and more! Keep us updated on how your organization is moving Louisiana's health forward by emailing photos and successes to  Your organization could be featured in our email or video spotlight and on our social media or website!