The Value of Healthier Employees

Healthy Employees Improve Your Workplace’s Bottom Line

Worksites are where many Louisiana residents spend much of their time. Because of this, employers are in a unique position to create a culture of wellness for their staff. By making healthy changes in the workplace, you can make a big impact on your employees’ health. It also benefits your organization because healthy employees are happier, more productive and use fewer sick days. 

By implementing changes to improve the health of your employees through our WellSpot Designation program, organizations can positively impact the health of the community. We support Louisiana employers by providing the resources and tools you need to encourage healthy habits like physical activity, healthy eating, stress management and quitting tobacco.

Michael DiResto, executive vice president at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, is one of the many workplace professionals in Louisiana who has taken the lead in moving the health of his community forward. Learn about how Michael implemented healthy changes at his worksite to become a WellSpot. Like Michael, change can begin with you—take the lead in your community today!

Want to implement or expand your worksite wellness program? Eligible WellSpots can receive up to $3,000 to make sustainable changes that support employee health and wellbeing at their worksite.

Level-up Your Worksite

Worksites that meet certain benchmarks can be designated as a Level 1, 2 or 3 WellSpot, with Level 1 being the highest.

Level 3

  • Smoke-free Policy
  • Three additional benchmarks of choice

Level 2

  • Tobacco-free Policy
  • Five additional benchmarks of choice

Level 1

  • Tobacco-free Policy
  • All benchmarks met

WellSpot Benchmarks for a Healthier Worksite

Well-Ahead is here to help employers be leaders by becoming a WellSpot. This designation ensures that your employees have a healthy environment to work, which can increase productivity and profits for your company. When you implement these evidence-based benchmarks, you will improve the health of your staff and move Louisiana’s health forward!

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