Move Your Organization Well-Ahead

Healthy Changes in Your Organizations

Why is living a healthy lifestyle so difficult? Because, in Louisiana, unhealthy choices are easy to make! But what if your organization could be a leader in the community by making the healthy choice, the easy choice for Louisiana residents? You can—by becoming a WellSpot!

Make the healthy choice, the easy choice by becoming a WellSpot! Follow these five steps to move your organization Well-Ahead! We can help guide you along the way.

  1. Register:

    Register your organization on our MyWellSpot platform.

  2. Assess:​

    Take the online assessment. You may need to complete an assessment for all physical locations of your organization if your assessment answers differ.

  3. Action:​

    Complete the action plan you receive after your assessment.

  4. Reassess:​

    Update your assessment after completing your action plan for your final designation.

  5. Become a WellSpot:​

    Submit your verification documents for review and official WellSpot designation.

Once designated we will provide you with tools to assist you in celebrating your success and promoting your achievements. Remain involved in improving the health of your organization by meeting additional benchmarks to continue making small changes that result in big impacts!

Take the Assessment

By taking the assessment, your organization can see what is left to do to become a WellSpot! You will be given a preliminary designation level based on your initial assessment answers and an action plan to assist you in achieving additional benchmarks to reach your desired designation level.

WellSpot Benchmarks

Organizations that meet certain benchmarks can be designated as a Level 1, 2 or 3 WellSpot, with Level 1 being the highest. Take a look at the benchmarks required for your organization type.

Become a WellSpot!

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