Connecting Communities to Preventive Services

Creating Links Between Community Organization and Clinical Services

Community-clinical linkages are connections between community and clinical sectors that work together to improve population health and support chronic disease prevention and control. Community-clinical linkages help to ensure that residents with or at high risk of chronic diseases have access to the resources they need to prevent and manage their chronic conditions.

Well-Ahead Louisiana aims to improve access to clinical preventive services (such as screening and counseling), community-level activities, and healthcare treatment to reduce and prevent chronic disease for our Louisiana residents. Community-clinical linkages connect clinical providers, community organizations, and public health agencies. We work specifically with the healthcare providers and community organizations to connect community members to the community resources they need. Where the resources do not exist, we work to establish them!

When put into action properly, community-clinical linkages include:

  • Coordinating healthcare delivery to encourage healthy behaviors
  • Promoting patient, family, and community involvement in improvement activities
  • Establishing relationships among clinical, community, and public health organizations