Practice Management

What is Practice Management?

Managing Healthcare Facilities

Running a healthcare facility can be a complex task, amongst completing administrative duties, ensuring patient quality care and satisfaction, and managing financial operations. Incorporating a practice management system offers providers a solution to coordinating all challenges within a facility setting.

Practice management is defined as the process of managing the financial and administration aspects in a healthcare facility setting. This includes financial management and business operations, information technology and medical practice management system, patient management, compliance, quality control and risk management, human resources and organizational operations.

Practice Management Can Support Your Facility

Utilizing a practice management system can ensure that your clinic is running as efficiently as possible. Management systems provide comprehensive data that can be used by staff to identify opportunities for improvement and reduce healthcare costs. 

Well-Ahead uses a practice management strategy to help enable the clinics ability to overcome the challenges of fluctuating markets and adapt to the unique needs of their patients. Practice management systems can help your facility:

  • Streamline workflows and processes
  • Improve practice organization allowing focus on quality patient care
  • Enhance automation leading to faster reimbursement and documentation
  • Advance scheduling for both patients and staff
  • Provide an ease of updating patient records and information
  • Improve patient and provider satisfaction
  • Deliver a seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration

Stay up-to-date on the latest policy guidance and changes in healthcare.

Practice Management Consultation

Practice Management Consultation services help communities to improve the health status of Louisiana residents in rural and underserved areas. Our program consultants work proactively to build and sustain the capacity of community health systems which provide integrated, efficient and effective healthcare services. 

Our program consultants work with the following facility types:

  • Federally qualified health centers
  • Rural health clinics
  • Rural physician practices
  • Small rural hospitals
  • School-based health centers
  • Facilities offering primary care health services

We Can Help Answer Your Questions

  • Should our clinic add a nurse practitioner to the medical staff?
  • How can we see more patients without extending clinic hours?
  • How can we collect more on the claims we file?
  • Should we consider converting to a rural health clinic or a federally qualified health center?
  • Which diagnostic and treatment services would increase our clinic’s income?
  • What computer system would best meet our needs?
  • Could staffing changes improve our clinic’s efficiency?
  • Would opening a second clinic location be beneficial?

Hospital Support Programs

Rural hospitals are an integral part of Louisiana’s rural communities. In addition to providing critical inpatient, outpatient and emergency medical services, rural hospitals are often the economic foundation of communities. Hospital support programs ensure that quality healthcare is available to rural residents.

Population Health Cohort

The Population Health Cohort is an exclusive collaborative quality improvement opportunity which supports the implementation of strategies aimed at improving population health within a primary care setting, with a specific focus on chronic disease related outcomes. It gives Louisiana providers and their facilities the opportunity to have hands-on assistance in implementing evidence-based practices that can improve their quality of care and their patients’ health outcomes.

Quality Improvement

Well-Ahead partners with healthcare facilities to implement policy changes and expanded services to enhance the quality of care for residents with high blood pressure. This happens through a variety of strategies and tactics such as team-based care, blood pressure monitoring programs, medication therapy management, telehealth and building data dashboards.

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