Diabetes Education and Training

Be a Leader for Diabetes Prevention and Management

Diabetes Education and Training for Louisiana Providers

Louisiana has one of the highest diabetes rates in the nation. At Well-Ahead Louisiana, we are committed to equipping providers and diabetes educators with the information and training they need to better manage and prevent diabetes for our residents.

Provider Education Network

Through its Provider Education Network, Well-Ahead provides a variety of education and training opportunities to healthcare providers, evidence-based program coordinators, lifestyle coaches, certified diabetes educators and community health workers.

Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network

The Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network (LaDEN) is comprised of diabetes educators and various health care professionals across the state of Louisiana. Members are offered professional development and support through online meetings, webinars and in-person trainings.

Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network Prevents

The Louisiana Diabetes Educators Network Prevents Type 2 Diabetes (LaDEN Prevents!) is comprised of National DPP coordinators and lifestyle coaches. Members are provided advanced training and development through in-person trainings, webinars and peer dialogue sessions to showcase National DPP experts and explore program best practices.

Project ECHO®

Project ECHO® connects healthcare providers with specialists so they can learn how to deliver higher levels of care to patients who may not have access otherwise. Our Diabetes ECHO and Lifestyle Coach ECHO series can help you learn innovative ways to manage and prevent diabetes of residents in your communities.