Online Tools to Train Child Care Providers to Improve Children’s Health

Go NAPSACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care) is a research-based online platform that teaches child care providers the importance of forming healthy habits during the early years around food, physical activity and other health behaviors.

By working with child care providers, Go NAPSACC improves the health of young children through changes to practices, policies and environments to instill habits supporting lifelong health and well-being.

Go NAPSACC’s 5 Step Improvement Process

  1. Assess:

    Child care providers take a self-assessment of their current practices to find areas for improvement.

  2. Plan:

    Providers use the action planning tool to set goals and make a plan for success.

  3. Take Action:​

    Use Go NAPSACC’s library of tips and materials to put plans into action.

  4. Learn More:

    Providers take a Go NAPSACC training and learn new skills to teach children how to be healthy.

  5. Keep It Up:

    Providers take a self-assessment in a different area, celebrate progress and plan the next move to increasing healthy practices in their center.

Go NAPSACC’s Focus Areas

Go NAPSACC offers seven user-friendly modules to address topics essential to the health of young children. Each module provides tools and best practices to guide child care providers to implement healthier practices.

  1. Child Nutrition
  2. Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding
  3. Farm to Early Care and Education
  4. Oral Health
  5. Infant & Child Physical Activity
  6. Outdoor Play & Learning
  7. Screen Time

Enroll in Go NAPSACC

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Become a Trained Go NAPSACC Consultant

Go NAPSACC offers monthly consultant and provider tools training! The Go NAPSACC consultants teach child care providers the importance of forming healthy habits during the early years, including those around food, physical activity and other health behaviors. 

Go NAPSACC consultants have access to numerous online tools and resources on various health topics including monthly webinars, monthly consultant trainings and monthly newsletters with tips and latest NAPSACC news.

Connecting with Child Care Centers

Consultants can locate and connect with their local child care programs using Go NAPSACC’s user-friendly Connections dashboard. Through this dashboard, consultants can find local child care providers, invite them to connect and then track providers’ progress as they work together.

Tracking Activities

Through the My Programs dashboard, consultants view the most recent Go NAPSACC activities of their connected child care providers. Consultants can quickly identify providers who have not had any recent activity and may need additional support. They can also see which goals providers are working toward and offer them goal-specific assistance.

Consultant Resources and Guides

Consultants can use a variety of resources in the tips and materials library to work with child care providers to meet Go NAPSACC’s best practices. The library offers how-to guides, staff educational materials, classroom activities and parent communications. Many of these resources are also available in Spanish.

Custom Reporting

The Go NAPSACC reporting tool helps consultants and state partners track and report on the progress of participating programs. With just a few clicks, the tool creates customized reports showing how local child care programs’ practices compare to Go NAPSACC best practice standards and improvements made over time.