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Well-Ahead Louisiana connects you to the trainings and tools you need to promote a healthy school environment. Through virtual trainings, you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office.

Schools are key partners in Louisiana’s efforts to achieve health equity. By creating a culture of health in every school, we can make better health outcomes possible for an entire generation. And, research shows that when students are healthy, they learn better!

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Training Course Information

Improving School Health Education Practices

This self-paced course is for K-12 health teachers, curriculum and instruction professionals, and those interested in supporting high-quality health education for children and adolescents. Participants will gain foundational knowledge of the CDC’s Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum. After completing the course, participants will be able to describe how to apply the characteristics to improve school-based health education.

Integrating Classroom Physical Activity During COVID-19

This course is for classroom teachers, physical activity leads and school system staff. Participants will learn how to incorporate physical activity in school while implementing social distancing practices and in the event of school closures.

Cultivating Positive Learning Environments: Social Emotional Learning Practices for Teachers

This course was developed by LSU Social Research and Evaluation Center (SREC) for school-based personnel and school system leaders. Attendees will be equipped with quick changes to adapt teaching practices to support students’ emotional well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, attendees will learn how to use a trauma-informed framework to improve classroom management to ensure that students feel safe, seen and heard.

Health and Wellness for Educators

This course was developed by LSU Social Research and Evaluation Center (SREC) for school-based personnel and school system leaders. Attendees will learn about the eight dimensions of health. In addition, the course will walk attendees through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how the hierarchy relates to supporting health and wellness for educators. Lastly, attendees will learn strategies for supporting overall wellness and reducing burnout.

Challenges of Implementing Oral Health Interventions in Schools During COVID-19

This course was developed by Well-Ahead Louisiana and Children’s Hospital New Orleans for school nurses and school-based health clinic staff. Attendees will learn about challenges that school based/linked oral health programs are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be able to identify innovative classroom strategies that can be used to educate students on how to maintain good oral health at home. This training will also provide participants with information on school based/linked oral health intervention programs and educational materials available to schools statewide.

Other Self-Paced Virtual Learning Opportunities

Take a look at additional resources and training opportunities for school staff working to improve the health of their schools.

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    • Safe Practices for Meal and Snack Programs: The Louisiana Department of Education Nutrition Services leads training for Safe Practices for Meal and Snack Programs for school food service professionals. For more information, contact
    • Safer, Smarter Schools: The Louisiana Department of Health aims to support Louisiana schools by providing COVID-19 testing options at no cost to any school in the state with the shared goal to keep schools open and prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 amongst the last population to have access to vaccination (those under 12 years). Questions regarding training content can be sent to
    • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program: A Guide for Schools: This module will familiarize you with the components of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program and the process for developing, implementing and evaluating one. After this module, you should be able to take the next steps to begin the process of developing a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program.
    • Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT): This training module teaches schools how to use the HECAT to conduct a review of health education curricula. The HECAT can help schools select or develop appropriate and effective health education curricula, enhance existing curricula and improve the delivery of health education. The HECAT can be customized to meet local community needs and conform to the curriculum requirements of the state or school district.
    • Parents for Healthy SchoolsParents for Healthy Schools is a set of resources that school groups can use to engage parents. This course provides clarity on how to use and share the resources, use the parent engagement framework and provide ways for parents to help create a healthy school environment.
    • School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: The School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity were developed in response to the serious effects of inadequate physical activity and unhealthy eating. This course will help you identify strategies to create opportunities for students to participate in more physical activity and improve healthy eating.
    • School Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: The School Health Index is a tool to assess your school’s health and safety policies and programs and develop a plan for improvement. This course will teach you about the components of the School Health Index, how to implement it and how to conduct an assessment and develop a plan for improvement.
    • Alliance for a Healthier Generation Virtual Trainings: Healthier Generation’s Action Center provides training to support schools and out-of-school time sites in creating healthier environments that empower kids to thrive. Topics include physical education, physical activity, employee wellness, nutrition, social-emotional health and learning, policy and more.