What is the Tobacco-Free Louisiana Coalition?

Louisiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Workgroup

Helping create tobacco-free environments for communities in every part of our state is a passion Well-Ahead Louisiana shares with many other concerned organizations. Realizing that working together can be an effective way to help Louisiana families fight the leading cause of preventable death and disease in our country, we have joined with like-minded local, state and national partners as part of the Tobacco-Free Louisiana Coalition. Together, we work toward the shared goal of making our communities safer, healthier and tobacco-free.

The Power of Partnership

The Tobacco-Free Louisiana Coalition is made up of organizations that bring significant depth of experience, expertise and local knowledge to tobacco control. This includes backgrounds in cancer prevention and control, heart disease and stroke prevention, lung health, oral health, school health, behavioral health, communities, academia and rights of residents who don’t smoke.
The Coalition provides essential statewide coordination that is vital for realigning efforts of individual partners and ensuring that efforts and activities are streamlined, integrated and targeted to achieve the maximum possible impact.
The Coalition’s approach is multifaceted in its fight against the tobacco industry. Not only does it keep tobacco cessation in front of the public and encourage community buy-in and support, it also educates policy makers on the threat tobacco poses to Louisiana residents and helps encourage policy change related to tobacco use.

A Plan to Geaux Tobacco-Free

The Coalition developed the Tobacco-Free Louisiana Coalition 5-Year Strategic Framework, which is designed to lower tobacco use in Louisiana through direct cessation efforts, prevention initiatives and the enactment of policies that support and encourage a tobacco-free environment. This comprehensive strategic plan aligns with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s goals and evidence-based strategies, as well as the mission of the Office of Public Health, which is to protect and promote the health and wellness of all individuals and communities in Louisiana.

The plan’s impact can be seen in many ways in the fight against tobacco use. Those wanting to quit tobacco can access the many resources provided through our state’s robust tobacco quitline. Plus, our WellSpot programs and tobacco cessation media campaigns are successfully educating residents about the Coalition’s tobacco-free policy work and cessation efforts.

Stronger Together

All Louisiana residents deserve the opportunity to live a healthy, tobacco-free life. Yet some population groups are affected by tobacco-related disparities due to socially determined circumstances and characteristics.

Through the Stronger Together initiative, the Coalition integrates activities into its tobacco cessation efforts that promote health equity. By doing so, everyone in our state has the chance to reach their full health potential regardless of their race, education, gender identity, sexual orientation, where they live or if they have a disability.

Coalition Members

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We are continuously seeking new members to join the Tobacco-Free Louisiana Coalition. If your organization has a stake in tobacco control or you just want to learn more about the Coalition, please contact us.

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  • Truth Initiative’s Tobacco Nation Report examines trends in smoking over time on collection of U.S. states in the South and Midwest with smoking rates that exceed not only the national average but that of many countries with the highest smoking rates in the world.