Tobacco Intervention Trainings

Learn How to Help Your Patients Quit Tobacco

Tobacco Cessation Training for Louisiana Providers

Healthcare providers play a key role in identifying patients that use tobacco and helping them quit. In fact, according to the CDC, tobacco quit rates increase when healthcare providers consistently identify and treat tobacco use. The majority of people who use tobacco want to quit, but getting started often takes support and motivation from trusted sources like you. Help your patients begin their quit story. Ask them if they use tobacco, them to quit and refer them to quit resources during visits. Make tobacco screening and referring a standard of care.

Brief Tobacco Intervention Training

The Brief Tobacco Intervention is a quick, easy and effective approach for providers to address patient tobacco use in less than three minutes. This saves time for you and your staff, and ensures that your patients receive the treatment they need.

In the Brief Tobacco Intervention Training you will: 

  • Learn three simple steps to help you effectively talk with your patients about tobacco in less than three minutes.
  • Learn about evidence-based cessation treatments available in Louisiana, including individual, group and telephone counseling and seven FDA-approved medications.
  • Earn continuing education units in less than an hour!

Become a Fax-to-Quit Provider

You are the link between patients and the help they need to quit tobacco. When you become a Fax-To-Quit Provider, you can refer patients directly to the Louisiana Tobacco Quitline. This means that patients no longer have to take the first step in calling the Quitline! The Louisiana Tobacco Quitline will contact the patient at a time most convenient for them. 

The Fax-To-Quit referral process is easy and seamless!  

  • You will screen for tobacco use and assess the patient’s readiness to quit.
  • You will complete and fax the referral form to the Quitline.
  • The form is processed and a call is placed to the patient within 24-48 hours to begin Quitline services.
  • You will receive a bi-weekly outcome report from the Quitline detailing the patient’s progress.
  • When you become a Certified Fax-To-Quit Health Care Provider, you will receive an official starter kit that includes:
    • Fax-To-Quit Manual
    • Fax-To-Quit Referral Form
    • Quitline Promotional Materials

Take the Training!

To complete the Fax-To-Quit Training:

  1. Watch the presentation video in full. (Approximately 17 minutes)
  2. Complete the online quiz.
  3. Receive your Fax-To-Quit Provider Starter Kit in the mail.

If you need digital copies of the referral forms or have questions, please email

Update: During COVID-19 shelter-at-home, verbal consent is being allowed for the Fax-to-Quit program. Fax-To-Quit providers who wish to enroll patients through a telehealth visit can submit the Fax-to-Quit Verbal Consent Form.

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