Training for School Staff

Healthy Schools, Healthy Children

Physical Activity, Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management Training for School Staff

Well-Ahead Louisiana assists school districts in making healthy changes by coordinating professional development opportunities and identifying resources for staff training. By equipping your staff with physical activity, nutrition and chronic disease management tools and techniques, you can encourage healthier students and healthier schools!

Healthy Schools Training Krewe

Well-Ahead recognizes that schools play a fundamental role in encouraging healthy behaviors in children. That’s why we formed the Healthy Schools Training Krewe to work directly with teachers and staff to empower schools to take a leadership role in forming healthy habits in kids that will last a lifetime. 

The Healthy Schools Training Krewe is a collaborative of experienced trainers that coordinate with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), content leaders and state organizations to provide professional development for educators across the state. Launched in 2016, the Krewe is funded by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Schools Program. It’s mission is to enhance the knowledge and skills of those working to create healthier schools.

The Healthy Schools Training Krewe offers training on the following:

Physical Activity

Educators will learn how to support play and physical activity during recess, integrate physical activity into classroom instruction, and increase physical activity in before-school and after-school programs.

School Nutrition

Educators will learn how to create a nutrition environment that supports students in making healthy choices. Instruction topics include healthy classroom celebrations, healthy rewards for positive behavior, food and beverage marketing, and healthy eating before and after school.

Management for Chronic Conditions

Educators will learn how to determine classroom implications of chronic health conditions, educate students and families to improve self-management of chronic health conditions, and understand the role of school nurses in managing chronic health conditions.

Request a Training!

Well-Ahead will connect you with a member of the Health School Training Krewe if you are interested in requesting an in-service training.

Improving the Krewe

Well-Ahead uses surveys to inform professional development design and delivery to leverage strengths and address limitations and barriers. Evaluating the program allows the Krewe to improve and determine the impact of training topics.

Event Feedback Survey

This survey aims to collect information from past training participants about the influence of the training, including new knowledge and skills acquired. If you have recently attended a training provided by the Healthy Schools Training Krewe, please click here to take the survey.

Event Impact Survey

This survey aims to collect information about the application and impact of training and follow-up support, and is sent to participants six months following a training. If you received training and follow-up support by the Healthy Schools Training Krewe in the last year, please click here to take the survey.

Needs Assessment Survey

We are always looking to improve and welcome input from parents, teachers, school staff, district administrators and community stakeholders on professional development and training needs as they relate to healthy eating, physical activity and managing chronic health conditions among students. Please click here to take the survey.

Evaluation of professional development conducted during the 2019-2020 school year found:

  • 1,172 individuals participated in training from Louisiana Healthy Schools.
  • 85% (N=996) of training attendees work at the school level.
  • 15% (N=176) of training attendees work at the district level.
  • 95% (N=290) of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they acquired the intended skills from the training.
  • 97% (N=295) of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they could apply the skills gained to support a healthy school environment in their school or community.

Technical Assistance Request

Participants of professional development can request direct technical assistance to implement knowledge or skills learned during a training. LDOE manages the Healthy Schools Technical Assistance Request System and fulfills requests.

Healthy Schools Academy

Well-Ahead hosts an annual regional professional development series called Healthy Schools Academy. The Academy is an in-person, full-day workshop held each school year to reach a variety of audiences in communities across the state and empower school staff with the skills and knowledge to support change in their local schools. 

Attendees of the Academy receive follow-up support from Well-Ahead and the Krewe to assist their efforts in making healthy changes to their school environment. Follow-up support comes in many forms, including booster webinars, facilitated Community of Practice and direct technical assistance. Strategies are chosen on a case-by-case basis to ensure suitability and feasibility, as well as meet the participant’s needs and overcome perceived barriers to implementing best practices for better school health.

View the 2020 Healthy Schools Academy Sessions!

Become a Member of the Krewe

You can be a part of the Healthy Schools Training Krewe and help equip schools and school districts with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve student health and academic achievement in Louisiana. For more information about the benefits of joining the Krewe and who should apply, click here.

Self-Paced Virtual Learning

Equip yourself with the skills to promote a healthy school environment by completing virtual learning at your own pace with the online materials and resources available below.

  • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program: A Guide for Schools: This module will familiarize with you with the components of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program and the process for developing, implementing, and evaluating one. After this module, you should be able to take the next steps to begin the process of developing a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program.
  • Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT): Training module to teach how schools can use the HECAT to conduct a review of health education curricula. The HECAT can help schools select or develop appropriate and effective health education curricula, enhance existing curricula, and improve the delivery of health education. The HECAT can be customized to meet local community needs and conform to the curriculum requirements of the state or school district.
  • Parents for Healthy Schools: Parents for Healthy Schools is a set of resources that school groups can use to engage parents. This course provides clarity on how to use and share the resources, use the parent engagement framework, and provide ways for parents to help create a healthy school environment.
  • School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: The School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity were developed in response to the serious effects of inadequate physical activity and unhealthy eating. This course will help you identify strategies to create opportunities for students to participate in more physical activity and improve healthy eating.
  • School Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: The School Health Index is a tool to assess your school’s health and safety policies and programs, and develop a plan for improvement. This course will teach you about the components of the School Health Index, how to implement it, and how to conduct an assessment and develop a plan for improvement.
  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation Virtual Trainings: Healthier Generation’s Action Center provides training to support schools and out-of-school time sites in creating healthier environments that empower kids to thrive. Topics include physical education, physical activity, employee wellness, nutrition, social-emotional health and learning, policy and more.