Tobacco Cessation

Geaux Tobacco-Free

Help Louisiana Residents Quit Tobacco for Good

As a leading preventable cause of many fatal diseases, Well-Ahead Louisiana is committed to providing community leaders and organizations with resources, programs and tools to help our residents geaux tobacco-free.

Connect Your Community to Quit With Us, Louisiana

The first step in a tobacco-free future is sharing quit resources with your community. Quit With Us, Louisiana is a resource all residents in our state can use for support in their journey to a tobacco-free life. Quit With Us, Louisiana connects residents to the Louisiana Tobacco Quitline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, as well as online and community resources.

The Quitline is a 24-hour, confidential, free tobacco cessation helpline that links people who are ready to quit using tobacco with trained tobacco cessation specialists who help create an individualized plan to quit. The Quitline can provide Louisiana residents free counseling and nicotine replacement therapies to help them quit tobacco for good.

Promote the Quitline at your organization with these materials!

Smokefree Teen

Teens have unique needs when it comes to tobacco cessation. The National Cancer Institute’s Smokefree Teen is a mobile-based tobacco intervention specifically for 13 to 17-year-old tobacco users interested in or actively trying to quit tobacco. Smokefree Teen addresses key barriers and motivators for youth to quit tobacco use of all types and provides evidence-based cessation resources and interventions to help youth initiate and sustain a quit attempt.

Comprehensive Cessation Coverage

Employers have the opportunity and obligation to provide employees with cessation coverage. Well-Ahead works with employers to connect with health plans to implement comprehensive cessation coverage.

Help Others Quit

There are additional services and resources available for Louisiana residents thinking about quitting for good. As a family member, friend, coworker, physician or even community organization, you can help support them on their journey.

Tobacco Retailer Signage

As a tobacco retailer, you are required to directly educate tobacco users on the dangers of tobacco use through required point of purchase signage. Responsible sale of age-restricted products such as tobacco, alternative tobacco and vapor products is an important part of your business.