Step 5: Develop a work plan

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Once your priorities are set, its finally time to develop a work plan and event calendar to encourage healthy behaviors. Below are ways that you can implement the strategies in Step 4.  They are organized according to the behavior they aim to change - physical activity, nutrition, tobacco cessation and mental health. As you build your work plan, remember to use your assessment results as a guide.  These items are also organized by low, medium and high cost. This way, you can build your work plan based on your resources.

You'll be happy to see that your program can be implemented for very little cost!  The ROI icon  denotes the items with the highest return on investment. Try to incorporate as many of these suggestions as possible!   



  • Small: Focus on the low cost suggestions.  When and if resources allow, sprinkle in the medium cost suggestions.  Be sure to check out the sample event calendar - all of these events are low-cost!      
  • Medium:  If resources allow, you should implement both low cost and medium cost suggestions. 
  • Large: Your program can encompass all suggestions (if resources allow). The Louisiana Business Group on Health Toolkit has even more ideas!  

DIY: Build your work plan

Physical Activity

*Note: Well-Ahead Louisiana and the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion does not take the place of medical advice.  Individuals should always consult with a physician prior to starting any exercise or diet regimen.*

Low Cost  ROI

Provide flexible work hours to allow for physical activity during the work day. 
Sample Flex Time Policy‚Äč

Create a culture that incorporates standing and walking breaks after long periods of sitting. 
Global CEO Pledge  


Provide messaging specific to easy ways to increase physical activity during the work day. 

Office Exercise Poster
Move More at Work

Provide maps of (safe) walking routes surrounding the worksite. 
Map My Run
Walk Your City 
Provide bicycle racks in safe, convenient and accessible locations.
Encourage walking meetings when appropriate. 
How To Do Walking Meetings Right
Walking Meetings

Provide motivational signs at elevators and escalators to encourage stair usage. 
Point-of-Decision Prompt 1 
Point-of-Decision Prompt 2 
Point-of-Decision Prompt 3
Promote national running and/or walking day. 
National Running Day 
National Walking Day

Promote and encourage participation in local races (5K, 10K, Triathlon, etc.) 
LA Race Events

Educate employees on how physical activity can help reduce the risk for stroke and hypertension.
Medium Cost  ROI

Start and encourage participation in employee recreational sports teams (softball, basketball, soccer, etc). 

Provide discounted or subsidized gym memberships to employees.  

Provide showers and/or changing facilities onsite.  

Provide employee walking, biking, and/or running clubs.
How To Begin an Employee Activity Club


Implement physical activity challenges to encourage physical activity during and outside of work such as: steps challenge, minutes of physical activity challenge, etc. 
OYOH Challenge

High Cost ROI

Offer on-site fitness opportunities such as group exercise classes.
Planning Onsite Events   

Provide an on-site exercise facility.  

Provide incentives for participation in physical activity activities.
Provide on-site child care for employees engaging in physical activity.


*Note: Well-Ahead Louisiana and the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion does not take the place of medical advice.  Individuals should always consult with a physician prior to starting any exercise or diet regimen.* 
Low Cost  ROI

Send healthy eating guidance and messaging to employees via email, flyers, etc. 
Add More Vegetables Flyer
Focus On Fruits Flyer

Promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables through motivational signs. 
Enjoy Your Foods 
5-2-1-0 Poster 


Provide protected time and dedicated space away from the work area for breaks and lunch. 

Offer healthy food items in vending, cafeterias and through provided foods. 
Healthy Vending Policy
FitPick Healthy Snack Options


Establish and implement a healthy meeting policy. 
Healthy Meeting Policy 
Healthy Meeting Toolkit 
Healthy Meeting Pledge 
ACS Workplace Solutions


Make water available throughout the day.


Establish and implement a breastfeeding friendly workplace policy. 

Advertise an awareness campaign. 
Go Red for Women


Inform employees about the benefits of healthy eating through a nutrition webinar or onsite seminar. 
Planning Onsite Events  
Tips to Eat Less


Promote and encourage employees to complete free online health assessments in order to track their numbers and health progress. 
Diabetes Risk 
Test My Life Check


Encourage employees to complete their annual wellness check-up with their primary care physician.


Medium Cost  ROI

Provide kitchen equipment for employee food storage and preparation. 

Offer local fruits and vegetables at the worksite (farmers market, CSA drop off location).
Farm To Work 
Covington Farmers Market 


Provide on-site gardening.


Provide an appropriate place for breastfeeding/pumping. 


Provide interactive food activities, such as taste testing and food preparation.


Encourage employees to increase water intake by providing water bottles or refillable water containers in employee refrigerators. 


High Cost  ROI

Provide incentives for participation in nutrition or weight management/maintenance activities.  

Include employee family members in a campaign to promote fruit and vegetable consumption. 
Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less Holiday Challenge


Provide lactation education on-site events open to all employees.


Provide a Registered Dietitian on-site for nutrition counseling.


Offer healthy cooking demonstrations onsite or via web video.
EatRight Videos 


Schedule an onsite health screening to provide employees with immediate biometric results. These results can include cholesterol, blood sugar, body composition, etc.


In employer provided health plans, provide benefits that include preventative services such as nutrition counseling and chronic disease management.


Tobacco Cessation

  • Remember, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurance plans in the to cover tobacco cessation treatments. Therefore, most health insurance plans offered to employees should provide access to tobacco cessation care. Federal guidance defines tobacco cessation care as:
    4 sessions of individual, group and phone counseling
    90 days of all FDA-approved smoking cessation medications
    2 quit attempts per year
    No cost-sharing
    No prior authorization for treatments
  • To determine if your organization should be implementing these requirements, check out the Affordable Care Act Tobacco Cessation Guidance Toolkit

*Note: Well-Ahead Louisiana and the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion does not take the place of medical advice.  Individuals should always consult with a physician prior to starting any exercise or diet regimen.*

Low Cost  ROI

Establish and implement a comprehensive tobacco-free policy covering the full organization property. 

Provide educational messaging regarding the effects of tobacco use and benefits of quitting.   


Promote free, accessible smoking services to employees.
Smoking Cessation Trust


Offer a free cessation program onsite. For example, with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center's Geaux Free Cessation Program, you can host a nine week cessation program onsite at no cost. You can also encourage those who want to quit to attend these sessions at a nearby location. 
OLOLCancer Center


Promote the Louisiana Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) through provided quitline resources.
Quit Now
Quit With Us LA Poster

Medium Cost  ROI

Provide flexible work hours to allow employees to participate in tobacco cessation programming during work time. 

Organize a Great American Smokeout event on-site.
ACS Great American Smokeout 


Organize a Kick Butts event on-site. 
Kick Butts Day


Gather and share testimonials from employees who have quit. 
How To Guide 


High Cost ROI

Provide individual, group or telephone cessation counseling on-site.
Affordable Care Act Tobacco Cessation Guidance Toolkit

Provide counseling through a health plan sponsored individual, group or telephone counseling program.
Affordable Care Act Tobacco Cessation Guidance Toolkit

Provide cessation medications through health plan.
Affordable Care Act Tobacco Cessation Guidance Toolkit


Mental Health

*Note: Well-Ahead Louisiana and the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion does not take the place of medical advice. Individuals should always consult with a physician prior to starting any exercise or diet regimen.*
Low Cost  ROI

Identify local resources for screening and referral of employees who may be experiencing signs or symptoms of distress. 

Provide educational messaging regarding the effects of stress and provide stress management tips for the workplace.

Stress Management Tips 
Worklife/Balance Infographic 
Fight Stress with Healthy Habits 


Provide a quiet room or stress reduction room on-site.


Provide an educational video on office ergonomics. 
Office Ergonomics

Medium Cost  ROI

Provide stress management activities such as educational workshops on managing work/life balance on-site and flexible work hours to allow participation.

Organize on-site sessions on managing stress and work-life balance with local speakers.  
Planning Onsite Events


Provide yoga classes on-site and flexible work hours to allow participation.
Workplace Yoga/Meditation


Seek management support to develop and implement flexible work hours for employees to achieve a healthy, productive work-life balance. 
Sample Flex Time Policy


Provide training for supervisors on recognizing and responding to performance issues that may signal distress. 

High Cost ROI

Organize a day of on-site chair massages.
Planning Onsite Events  


Allow employees to access on and off-site support services during work hours. 

Provide access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Work-Life EAP


Provide and maintain comprehensive health insurance coverage which includes mental health screenings and brief intervention and referral (SBIRT) as a covered benefit. 

Sample event calendar

February: National Heart Month

Event Description/Resource


Identify nearby speakers at local hospitals, foundations, nonprofits, health centers, faith based organizations, LSU Ag Centers, universities, training colleges or physician offices to give tips about heart health. You can also contact the American Heart Association to provide a free seminar. Ask them for a chest compression demonstration.

Promote heart walks throughout the state.

Add Heart Walk information to newsletter/flyers/e-blast as it becomes available.


Educational E-Blasts/ Flyers

Describe how diet, exercise, cessation and stress reduction techniques are all linked to a healthy heart. Share advice.

April: National Cancer Control Month

Event Description/Resource
Distribute Wellness


Provide content on cancer prevention and resources for additional information.To learn more about healthy eating and other tips to reduce your risk for cancer, check out the resources below.

Well-Ahead Healthy Eating

Well-Ahead On the Go

ACS – Eat Healthy

Diet and Physical Activity Cancer Connection

Take Control of Your Weight

Stay Away from Tobacco

Promote Walking Wednesdays 

May: Hypertension & Stroke Awareness

Event Description/Resource

Promote heart health self-assessment tools through E-blast and flyers  

Hypertension is caused by a number of factors including: family history of high blood pressure, being overweight or obese, aging, high sodium diet, excessive alcohol intake, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and taking certain medications. Learn more about risk factors and estimate your risk of hypertension by using the American Heart Association’s risk calculator.


To learn more about hypertension awareness, check out the resources below.

Staying Well-Ahead of HTN

The Facts About High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure                                      

Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure                                

Managing Blood Pressure with a Heart-Healthy Diet

June: Physical Activity

Event Description/Resource

Launch Summer Fitness Challenge 

Click here for a printable version of the challenge calendar and details. 


Challenge Goal: Get Moving! Complete as many daily exercises as possible through the month of June. To receive a certificate of completion, you must complete four daily exercises per week.

Challenge Instructions:

  • Print out the Challenge Calendar.
  • Each day, complete the recommended exercise.
  • Once completed, be sure to check-in on your team’s weekly log. To learn more, contact your Wellness Champion.
  • Make it fun, get competitive and stay motivated! Complete exercises with your Challenge Buddy, group of co-workers – even family and friends!
  • If you have trouble with challenge exercises, complete a modified version of the exercise to get moving!
  • Questions? Contact your Wellness Champion.
  • Disclaimer: Individuals should always consult with a physician prior to starting any exercise regimen.

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