Step 1: Gain support from management

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People respond to those with influence, creditability and personal connection. Therefore, the success of a worksite wellness program depends greatly on the support and participation of business leadership. So, it is important to engage management in the development and launch of your program.  

To get started, explain to leadership that their participation will result in a higher return on investment. Generally, organizations can expect a return on investment of $1.50 for every $1.00 invested in a wellness program (Rand Corporation). This ROI will be seen in decreased health care costs, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale and retention rates. 

Once leadership is on board, it is time to spread the good news!  A member of the lead team should first communicate the launch of the wellness program.  For examples of this, check out the customizable communication below! These samples are written according to organization size.  Within the communication, be sure to include specific information on how you will gather employee feedback (see Step 3).  

If your organization is... 

  • Small: No email to announce your program's launch? You can use a flyer, attach letters to check stubs, or even use snail mail. 
  • Medium: Email, or any of the options above!    
  • Large: Email, but you can check out the Louisiana Business Group on Health Toolkit for more ideas. 

Launch Announcement Samples

Small Size Organizations

Dear Employee:


The average employee in the United States spends about 50 hours at work each week. Your health and well‐being is important to us. As a result, we’ve started a worksite wellness program at [Organization Name].


We will be seeking your input on what types of programs you are interested in. I hope you will find time to help us as we gather information to establish a program that is relevant to all employees. [insert instructions for how to complete assessment].


I look forward to all the ways we will be working together in the future, and I encourage you to take advantage of the activities provided by the worksite wellness program.


Yours in better health,



Joe Well

President and CEO

[Organization Name] 

Medium Size, Multi-Site or Large Organizations

Dear Colleagues,


[Organization Name] has long felt that it’s most valuable resource is its workforce – each of you who work tirelessly to support the mission of our organization. We want to honor that service by making a greater investment in you! I am excited to announce [Organization Name] will be launching a coordinated, statewide worksite wellness program - [insert program name] in order to make healthy living more accessible to our employees.


In order for our program to be a success, we want to hear from you. I am asking each of you to click here to fill out a brief survey to let us know about your health goals and which aspects of a worksite wellness program would be of greatest benefit to you. Your responses will assist us designing a program that will best support you. The results are anonymous, and the survey will be open through [insert date].


As we move forward, you will be hearing from us regarding an official launch date, selection of wellness champions for your location and planned program activities.


Thank you in advance for your contribution to the program’s success. Together, we can move the health of [Organization Name] forward!


Healthy Wishes,


Joe Well

President and CEO

Company XYZ

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