Step 7: evaluate the program

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In order to ensure the quality of your program, it is important to evaluate it regularly. Below are suggestions for evaluating your program as well as sample evaluations that you can tailor to fit your organization.


Ongoing Program Evaluation

Programs should be evaluated regularly to ensure the effectiveness of program strategies. Ongoing evaluations can include things like:

  • Participant satisfaction survey results after activities
  • Tracking the number of employees participating in activities or using provided resources
  • Tracking the number of healthy items purchased in vending machines, as a reault of healthy vending
  • Informal observation of changes in health culture, work environment and/or policy changes

Click here for a sample ongoing evaluation.  Print it and use it as is, or as a building block to create your own. 

End of the Year Program Evaluation 
At the end of each program year, you will conduct an assessment to evaluate the impact of your program and help plan for the next year. Questions should be similar enough to the prior year's assessment so that responses can be compared to assist you in determining the impact of the program.  Click here for a sample year-end program evaluation.  Print it and use it as is, or as a building block to create your own.  

If your ORGANIZATION is...

  • Small: Participant satisfaction surveys can be as simple as asking participants what they thought about activities right after they're completed. If employees prefer to give anonymous feedback, you can ask them to fill out pen and paper surveys. You can also use a pen and paper survey for your yearly evaluation.  
  • Medium: Consider using a free online survey tool to email survey links to employees and gather your data digitally. This is an easy way to store and track responses over time.
  • Large: Most health care providers offer HRAs. This will allow you to compare biometric screening results. Check out the Louisiana Business Group on Health Toolkit for more extensive information regarding program evaluation.