Becoming a WISEWOMAN

Heart Health Screenings for Women

WISEWOMAN (Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for WOMen Across the Nation) is a program to help women understand and reduce their risk for heart disease. At no cost, the program provides heart health screenings to women across Louisiana. Women showing risk for heart disease receive support from healthy lifestyle programs and health coaching at no cost.

Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women in the United States. Did you know many things can influence your risk for heart disease and stroke? That includes high blood pressure, using tobacco products, being at an unhealthy weight, and family history of heart disease or stroke. 

Now is the time to take care of you. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to reduce your heart disease or stroke. This may mean making healthy food choices, getting more exercise, or quitting smoking. Participating in WISEWOMAN can help you make long-lasting healthy changes. 

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 Women who are eligible for WISEWOMAN: 

  • Qualify for the Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program,
  • Live in the areas of the state where WISEWOMAN is available,
  • Are between the ages of 40 and 64,
  • Have a low income, and/or
  • Have no insurance or insurance with high out-of-pocket costs.
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A WISEWOMAN screening includes tests that determine overall risk for heart disease, such as: 

  • Blood pressure 
  • Body mass index (weight) 
  • Cholesterol 
  • Diabetes 
  • Prediabetes

These tests are offered to women during their Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program visit at participating locations.   

Become a Screening Site

If your health center participates in the Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program (LBCHP), it is eligible to offer WISEWOMAN. To learn more, email wellahead@la.gov.

Current screening locations can download and print clinic forms.

  • Patient Enrollment Form: EnglishLao
  • Health Assessment Form - Clinic Portion: English
  • Health Assessment Form - Patient Portion: EnglishLao
  • Health Screening Consent Form: EnglishLao

Virtual Health Coaching

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to reduce your risk for heart disease or stroke. We are here to help! The EmPOWERED to Serve Health Lesson videos and accompanying resources will help you make healthy lifestyle changes at your own pace. 

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